Mail Call 4/23

April 23, 2002

"Has anyone out there ever made anything called beer bread? The recipe I use says three cups of flour, three tablespoons of sugar and one 12-ounce can of warm beer. Mix together, bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. I did exactly what it called for. That bread came out so heavy and tough that you could not eat it, let alone chew it. Does anyone have a good recipe for beer bread? Does anyone know what I did wrong? Has anyone ever made this bread? The ingredients are few, so what did I do wrong? Can anyone tell me?"

"Ladies, I have another money saving idea for you. Do you know those Daily Facial Wipes, they come in a tub. You get about 30 of them for about $5 on sale. They are normally seven bucks for 30 of them in a tub. They are to remove makeup from your face. Pampers has a diaper wipe with aloe. Guess what, they are wonderful, it removes all the makeup from your face. You get 80 of them in a big tub, they are thicker than the oil of olay. The aloe works wonderful on your skin. They remove all the makeup. You can get a big tub of the Pampers for $2.99 at Ames, or the Dollar Store. Great money tip for two and a half amount and only a third of the price. What a deal!"


"It's strange these days, the things that make the TV news and the things that don't. I felt an unmistakable shake early Saturday morning. I thought to myself, maybe it was thunder or maybe someone was dynamiting, but then I read in The Herald-Mail Sunday, that it was a 5.1 on the Richter scale earthquake, that jolts the Northeast. It says that it went from New York, Maine into Maryland. No injuries reported. Roads were actually collapsed in New York. Well, God bless The Herald-Mail because there was nothing on the news about. Have it not been in The Herald- Mail, I would have never known what had happened. How come The Herald-Mail can get it in their paper, but there wasn't anything on the news? I just don't understand that."

"The caller that said smoking doesn't cause automobile accidents is probably not a smoker or hasn't smoked for very long. I am a nonsmoker, but smoked for 25 years. Smoking without a doubt, causes accidents. Imagine traveling 50 mph and dropping a cigarette into your lap. Most smokers know the feeling. For a split second or longer, panic sets in and your mind is no longer on your driving. In many cases an accident does happen. It happened to me 10 years ago when I rear-ended another car. People were badly hurt, but I was not. I paid for that mistake for many years and that was the last time I smoked a cigarette. Anything that takes your mind off of your driving, should be against the law. In my opinion, that includes eating, drinking, smoking, cell phone use and yes, even loud music. Your mind should always be on your driving skills. Do those other things when you stop your car."

"To the person stating that you should care for your loved ones at home. You apparently haven't dealt with a person with Alzheimer's. I was advised by the doctor and my two sons and I had to place him in a nursing home."

"In response to the person who said about the paper shouldn't print the deceased person's address. This information is printed because it is given to them. The person responsible is really the person giving the funeral director the information and if you request it not be there, it won't be. The Herald Mail is not responsible for that address."

"For the problem with the ants at the kitchen and the bathroom sink. Peel a cucumber and put the peel around."

"Pay the farmers more money to keep the land and farms instead of any kind of racing tracks. Without the farms, how would people live. Keep the farmlands, we don't need tracks."

"Every week I read the Sharpsburg news in the Hagerstown paper. It seems that nothing happens at the Sharpsburg schools, because they are never mentioned. Most of the news deals with Pleasant Valley and not Sharpsburg. Maybe they need to get a writer that will actually talk about what is happening in the Sharpsburg schools."

"It is easy to see why Penny Nigh got the most votes in the last election. She seems to be the only one who is willing to fight for the average Hagerstown resident. She opposes the city tax hike and talks about taking some money from the reserve fund, which is approximately four million in cash, rather than have a second tax increase in the past two years, which amounts to 13 percent in increased taxes for Hagerstown residents. Everyone, who is able to, should turn out on May 28 and support Penny Nigh and support her efforts to reel in the Mayor and the other members of council who want to tax and spend, tax and spend until they drive all of the middle class out of the city."

"For the caller who wanted to know where I got my facts on smoking deaths. I told you in my call, check out the U.S. Government, check out their printing office. There are many pamphlets with facts and figures on smoking and second hand smoke. Also the Surgeon General's report on smoking. You smokers never give up do you? Cigarettes aren't called cancer sticks because they are good for you or whoever inhales your dirty smoke."

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