Earth Day volunteers remove tires

April 22, 2002|BY ANDREW SCHOTZ

If Saturday's Earth Day cleanup volunteers had their own flag, it might have said, "Don't dump tread on me."

Discarded tires were a thread between two beautification efforts in Washington County, where Earth Day was celebrated two days early.

Sixteen volunteers removed 1,500 improperly dumped tires from a site in Boonsboro and a site south of Hancock, Allegheny Energy spokesman Scott Shields said. It took them about four hours.

Those were two parts of a broad cleanup by 900 Allegheny employees and other volunteers. They picked up more than 37,000 tires from roads, streams and fields in five states, Shields said.

About 102,000 tires have been collected in three years, he said.

A separate group of volunteers, working on the Western Maryland Rail Trail and C&O Canal in Hancock, also found tires among their trash - as well as a gas tank and a battery, said Rail Trail spokesman Tom Palmer.


He said "close to a ton of stuff" was collected and packed onto his truck.

"I looked like Sanford and Son coming down the street," Palmer said.

The volunteer crew included 25 children from the youth groups at St. Thomas Episcopal Church and St. Peter's Catholic Church in Hancock, a Hancock police officer with a Hancock Police Explorer, and five other adults.

Palmer said volunteers worked for almost two hours, mostly clearing about a mile between Pennsylvania Avenue and Hepburn's Orchard.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Hancock Chamber of Commerce helped to organize the day.

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