Mail Call 4/19

April 19, 2002

"I called the other day about a lost bird in the South Cannon Avenue area. I would like to thank everyone who helped look for her since I placed the ad. There is no need to look for her anymore. We found her at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. She is very tired but home safe and sound."

"If anyone knows of a trauma, such as an automobile accident, causing diabetes, high blood pressure and so forth, leave your number in Mail Call. I would greatly appreciate this."

"Boy, you sure know what side the paper is on. Page 3 of the Morning Herald on Wednesday had three Republicans' pictures big as life."

"I live around the ice skating rink and I know that they have music but they play it so loud that you can hear it where I live. I have triple-pane windows and I can still hear it plain as day and that is with my air conditioner on. Can they turn it down a few notches? Who do I contact to complain about this?"


"I want to respond to the situation downtown trying to get more business. Today I tried to sit down and enjoy some pizza in the square. There were two guys standing on the corner singing off-key going up to people's cars. They were being aggressive. When you are visiting from out of town and you have people who don't look the best approaching your window, that doesn't look good."

"I see that Black Rock Golf Course has put U.S. flags on their greens to show support for our country. I play golf there and I was told that the Board of Directors wants the flags removed. What is wrong with the flags being there?"

"I have a 1900 penny with an Indian on the front. Can anyone tell me if it is worth any more than one cent?"

"About the Washington County Hospital, it's lovely. Part of it is old and part of it not too old. Please keep it. People in the Potomac Towers, Elizabeth Court, Walnut Towers or the Alexander House, they don't have cars and don't have money for taxis. They either walk or get a bus. We all don't have a lot of money to travel further to the hospital."

"I would like to thank the Smithsburg Police person who helped all the buses, the parents and students get out safely from the high school. I'm so appreciative. I think this might save a life when the children are trying to get out."

"The reason there were no free cinnamon rolls at the Smithsburg Longaberger Basket Bingo was because the man who gave them away no longer works for the company that makes them. I know because I work there. We have to pay for ours."

"This is for Kristi M. from your friends who are getting married. The blushing bride lost your phone number and we really need your help. Please call us. We won't be at the market this Saturday for breakfast. Thanks very much."

- Hagerstown

"About Mr. Grinder's sign. I think he had a lot of guts to do that and I think he did the right thing. I think people all over the state of Maryland should protest our state taxes as well, because they are outrageous and they keep getting worse with our tax-and-spend liberals."

"Attention, those cinnamon rolls were hot!"

"Is there anyone who knows if Baby Bob if Barbra Streisand's first husband and if Baby Bob's dad is Barbra Streisand's son? I have asked so many people and they don't know. I was just wondering if that was father and son in real life and if they were related to Barbra Streisand?"

Editor's note - Elliott Gould, who was Barbra Streisand's first husband, plays grandfather Sam on the television series "Baby Bob." Adam Arkin, who plays Baby Bob's father, is the son of actor Alan Arkin. Joely Fisher, who plays the baby's mother, is the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and singer-actress Connie Stevens. Ken Hudson Campbell provides the voice of Baby Bob. Gould and Streisand have one son, actor Jason Gould.

"To the person who said about the vandals in Rest Haven Cemetery. My children and I often like to ride our bikes through there so we don't have to worry about cars and stuff. We rode through there the other night and two carloads full of teenagers came zooming through and pulled into the back side of the cemetery. My children and I rode up by them and they were smoking pot. I called the police and hopefully they will do something about it. If you see it, report them. They are getting out of hand. Fortunately I work at North High and I recognize some of these students. I had a talk with them and told them I saw what they did and I made it clear to them that if I see them again I will report them. Now that I know who they are, I will give their names over to the police."

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