Letters To The Editor 4/13

April 15, 2002

Have a lunch, help a scholar

To the editor:

Each year, Washington County Council of PTAs is proud to award a scholarship to a senior who intends to pursure a career in education. We are continuing with this effort again this year.

To be able to give a $1,000 scholarship, we need your help. To help us raise the money, all you need to do is eat at Fazoli's on Wesel Boulevard., any Wednesday during April, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Fazoli's will give us a percentage of the sales for both eat-in or drive-through sales. For those who dine in, PTA volunteers will be on hand, assisting the Fazoli's staff.


It is that simple. Eat some great Italian food, delicious bread sticks and help a Washington County student become a teacher. We hope to see you there.

Kim Kidd

Scholarship Chair


For an employee of a small firm, the road can be rough

Forget tolerance

To the editor:

Mrs. Harold Jacobs' letter addressing my position on heaven warrants a response, since her obvious disdain proves my article's point.

Interestingly, her concept of heaven is basically, "welcome to all!" If this is so, then that means, "me too!" I'll be there as well as everyone else.

If this is the case, then how can this be called heaven for her? Mrs. Jacobs already described her annoyance with me and with anyone holding this sort of purity-minded thinking. If I'm not allowed into her idea of heaven, because of my resolution toward purity, moral honest and Christ Jesus, then the stand of intolerance has resulted in her life.

The natural child of tolerance will eventually be intolerance toward anyone who remains steadfast. Mrs. Jacobs' emphatic stand demonstrates intolerance, just not toward the morally corrupt, which is the politically correct, noble, position to take today.

Considering the heaven she describes, does this mean pedophiles, pornographers, drug pushers and child abusers are accepted? Or will a stand be taken "against them?" The so-called "tolerant" person can not say no to them and remain true to the tolerance position. If they do so, then they have issued forth a standard, thus demonstrating intolerance.

To be tolerant is to take a stand on nothing, allow everything to proceed, and be permissive toward everything. Each step toward tolerance leads to greater lawlessness, since it operates with permissiveness at core!

Though Mrs. Jacobs displays contempt for Christ Jesus and Christianity, she references Jesus and the sinful, fallen woman to support the validity of tolerance.

Christ extended mercy and forgiveness! True and rightly so! However, He then said, "Sin no more!" This was His command to her; it then became her choice! One could say today, "How intolerant of Him!" What if Mary responded with, "I'm not sinful!" "Who are you to forgive me?" "Who are you to tell me what to do?" "Why should I listen to you?" "There are many others worse than me!" Etc.!

Scripture records that she yielded to the love and mercy in Christ Jesus, God who forgives and saves, and became His follower. This woman now enjoys the blessings of heaven, void of the immoral and corrupt mindsets that once dominated her life. She has true freedom, peace with God, because she became right with God!

There is a need for a correct view, a perfect standard, that is just and fair. Scripture records that there is one Mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. He is the only way to heaven, the perfect way of God!

All will be judged according to His perfection, not by our opinions. Hence the great need for all to welcome Christ Jesus into our homes and hearts now.

America cannot continue to enjoy the blessings of God, take the credit for the prosperity, and live like the devil. Tolerance as employed today is the "slippery slope" of decadence and decay that will lead to eventual destruction.

Rev. Gary H. Cote, Pastor

Christ Fellowship

Assembly of God


For an employee of a small firm, the road can be rough

One coach who merited top honor

To the editor:

We just paid $1.50 for a Sunday Herald-Mail to learn that all third-place finishes are equal, except in wrestling, where some third places are more equal than others. Huh?

Just because one individual wrestler lost to the eventual state champion does not mean that every wrestler went head-to-head (or, in your wrestling reporter's own words, "did it on the mat.")

Since the Final Four do not go head-to-head, it seems hard to justify having different rules for Herald-Mail's All-Area Team selection regarding third place.

One could as logically argue that the third-place wrestler might have beaten the runner-up had they wrestled one another. But - as we pointed out in our phone call to Mark Keller when the new selection criteria were originally published - we would not have considered that "woulda, coulda, shoulda" kind of reasoning worthy of a professional sports editor or his staff.

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