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April 12, 2002

Sweeney's own words

To the editor:

I am indeed surprised at Robert Sweeney's letter in the Daily Mail on March 25. He appears to be especially forgetful of his guest appearance as featured speaker at the Pen Mar Chapter of the Retired Officers Association at the Lakeside Community Club at Fort Ritchie shortly after he was appointed Executive Director of the PenMar Development Corp.

At that dinner meeting before a large audience of retired officers and their wives, he talked about his role and about plans for the redevelopment of Fort Ritchie. During the question and answer period he was asked about the possibility of putting a college there. His response, and I quote: "An educational function at Fort Ritchie is not an option."

Without much difficulty I can locate a number of members of the audience that night to confirm this quote by Sweeney since it seemed so arrogantly dogmatic to many of us.


Donald R. Currier


Hats off to Hecht

To the editor:

My hat off to Sue Hecht's comments in a March 20 article entitled "Nursing Homes Need to be Monitored."

In 1990, my brother, who was confined to a Baltimore nursing home, after many months of agonizing mistreatment, was finally released with the help of friends and family at which time he had an article published in the Baltimore Sun entitled "How I Escaped From a Nursing Home." That was a very enlightening article.

Marjorie B. Christian

Falling Waters, W.Va.

A community first

To the editor:

A recent Saturday was the first for the communitythe entire community. One hundred and fifty people of all ages, races and walks of life turned out for the Awards Ceremony for the Colon Cancer Awareness Contest at the Martin Luther King Center. People attended from churches, from service organizations, from the city council, and from the health department. There were folks there interested in supporting the youth and adults who entered the contest. Also present were cancer survivors and relatives of those who didn't make it, in some cases because they didn't get screened at 50 to catch colon cancer early when it could have been cured.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 24 business sponsors from the community whose generous donations of money, supplies and dinners allowed us to give cash and/or savings bonds for education to every child who participated - close to 20 to be exact. The scholarship donors included F&M Bank, Hagerstown Ford, Hamilton Nissan, Hagerstown Trust, Sharrett Motors, and Waypoint Bank. We also thank our esteemed panel of judges, including Mayor Bill Breichner, City Councilmember Carol Moller, Police Chief Art Smith, NBC/25 Commentator Bob Borngesser, Health Department Services Director Earl Stoner, the Rev. Nathan Bell, the Rev. Don Stevenson, the Rev. Leroy Jackson and Mary Colburn-Green, president of Marketing Solutions Inc. of Maryland, among others. These businesses and individuals, along with the many volunteers on the event planning committee made this a spectacular event - some say one of the best community events ever held in Hagerstown. Last, but not least, I want to thank our MC, Kelly Wright, Fox News Anchor in Roanoke, whose inspirational words, singing ministry and professional talent made this an unforgettable evening.

This is the first of many North/West Central Events to come. I hope each year more people will join hands to make our community a healthier place - physically, spiritually and socially. Let's do it for the children.

June L. Wright


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