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Mail Call 4/11

April 11, 2002

"I'm no smoker, but I think if the politicians would put more input in the drug situation, it would be better than always wanting to put more tax on a pack of cigarettes. Don't they know that drugs and alcohol kill? Of course, the way that Don Munson was put down by that woman, a person can see how things are run."

"So, already we're hearing stadium threats. Any recent financial facts on the ice rink?"

- Hagerstown

"I'd like to see Hagerstown get a Popeye's and another Long John Silver's instead of having to run out to the mall. They have a lot of empty building around here."

"You talk about fast cars. You should live on San Mar Road. People must think it is a race track. A child or an animal will never have a chance. It's hard to go to the mailbox. I stand back until they pass. They won't give an inch. Why don't they go to a race track where they belong?"


"This is in response to a request for information from several days ago. Somebody called in asking about the status of the MS self-help group. I would just like to indicate that the self-help group for MS has been temporarily discontinued. If that person would like some more information, I would refer them to Melanie and she can be reached at 301-791-2776. That's a toll-free number."

"About the parking meters in Williamsport. I say put them all over town limits. Let the residents find out how it is not being able to park in front of your own property and having to pay meters all the time. If you can't afford meters all over town, put them in front of the mayor and town council members and let them find out how it is to put up with this. Junk the meters. Old-timer."

"I see the next Board of County Commissioners will get a $10,000 raise. How many $30,000 a year jobs did they bring into this area? The only jobs they bring into this area are $8 an hour jobs which a man cannot support his family on."

"To the parents of Western Heights Middle School students: After your kiddies have gone to the store after school, how about telling them to litter on your lawns and not on everybody else's. Tell them to take their candy wrappers and soda cans and toss them right in front of your lawns. The neighbors are getting tired of it."

"Right on with the signs on the corner of Avon and Washington Avenue. I wish I lived along the street where I could make some signs. If a certain curse word defends anybody, I always thought that was a four-legged animal. And if their kids see it, it's not nearly as bad as some of the commercials on television, with the bunch of hip-hops going around and around."

"I can answer the question as to why the men wear beards that the Mail Caller was asking about. They are so ugly that they're trying to hide the rest of their face."

"My heart goes out to the woman who was only allowed to see her mother for 30 minutes. What kind of nursing home would do such things to people? I think all they're worried about is the money they get and they're not worried about the people. I think it's terrible the way they treated her."

"I'm reading the Mail Call here on Tuesday evening and I see in there that someone has some canning jars, quarts and pints. We can a whole lot. We can everything we can get a hold of and I will take the jars. My phone number is 301-842-3384. "

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