letters to the editor - 4/10/02

April 10, 2002

Take time to remember soldiers

To the editor:

Tonight, hopefully after an enjoyable and relaxing weekend before you drop off into snoozeland, take a minute or two to do some thinking. Think tonight as your head hits the pillow about the thoughts that must be passing through the minds of the young men and women now in service to this country and in a foreign land.

Here's a list that could probably be added upon but let's just cover some of the basics.

1. Will I be able to sleep tonight without fear that darkness will bring an attack on my current position?

2. I wonder how my wife and children are back in the states. Will they sleep in a safe environment?

3. Will my wife be able to feed and properly clothe my children?

4. Is my wife doing okay having to pull double duty(mom and dad) while I'm away?


5. Will the food stamps be enough for them to get by on?

6. What danger will I face this coming day and will my wife be okay if something happens to me today?

7. Will my children remember me when I get home after this long time away?

8. When will I be able to hug my wife and children?

9. I am proud to serve my country.

Ponder if you will what these young men and women are now facing on a daily basis and ask yourself if your willing to sacrifice for the good of this country. Please write or e-mail your government representatives and help ensure that today's heroes return to a country that is truly grateful, and proud to be able to live with a very important word in our vocabulary - "freedom." Please write your representatives.

Stephen McNabb USAF Retired

Cumberland, Md.

Ehrlich's the best choice

To the editor:

U.S. Congressman Robert Ehrlich is the best choice to be Maryland's next governor. Here are just a few of the reasons why: U.S. Congressman and Maryland gubernatorial candidate Robert Ehrlich met recently with a group of concerned citizens at the Hagerstown Cracker Barrel.

In his opening remarks, Rep. Ehrlich spoke about the failure of our state government to properly fund its "core functions" and his concern about the ongoing "structural deficit." He pledged to "think outside the box" with a "more open process" of governance.

He also criticized our current governor's unconscionable raid on the state employee pension fund, and other "smoke and mirror" gimmicks to give a false image of a balanced state budget. Congressman Ehrlich spent most of his time at the meeting listening to the concerns of citizens, responding to their questions, and soliciting their specific suggestions to improve state government. He repeated his previously documented opposition to the nefarious proposal of the American State County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) to require state employees to pay a service fee to the union as a condition of state government employment.

Referring to his record in federal and state government, he pledged "never to lie" to us and to bring "a breath of fresh air" and "integrity" to Maryland State Government, as well as an improvement to "due process" for our citizens.

Rep. Ehrlich is the right person to bring back balance to Maryland's state government. Finally, Maryland can have a governor who makes us proud!

Larry D. Kump

Falling Waters, W.Va.

Looking for students of one-room schools

To the editor:

Because there are many birthdays behind most folks who have attended one room schools, they are on my endangered species list.

Wanted! My request of them is to share with me events, anecdotes, surprises, games, note worthy classmates, personal moments, traditions, meaningful happenings, a day to remember (or to forget), and what those school days were like, in particular or generally. Please include "going to or returning from," the playground, the physical characteristics of the classroom itself and the geographical setting.

I'd be most grateful if some of your readers would respond. These brief slices of life are planned to be used in an illustrated collection of one-room schooldays' nostalgia with acknowledgments. (Denote if otherwise.) But do send your recollections to me, please. Write: 4901 Chagar Ct., Las Cruces, NM 88005 or e-mail: or phone: 1-505-523-2950.

Flo Hosa Dougherty

Las Cruces, N.M.

Will sick get hooked?

To the editor:

There should be a law against reading the paper before people have had their morning coffee. It has to be the coffee that clears their head in order to find the logic in some of the bills that are passed, bills that are denied, and reasons for the same.

I just finished reading that the bill for legal marijuana use by cancer patients has been denied. Moreover, had the bill been passed it would have carried a $100 fine. I know there is some logic in this but for the life of me, I just can't find it.

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