Blast from the past

April 10, 2002

Week of April 7, 1952

Until the other day we thought we knew the name of every newspaper ever published in Washington County.

We discovered we didn't when Postmaster Thomas M. Simpson turned over a copy of the Pledge and Advocate of Moral Reform, which back in the 1840s was published every Tuesday night in Hagerstown by the firm of Schnebly and Robertson.

"Test tube" calves, which were regarded with some skepticism by farmers here several years ago, are growing in popularity, and now number approximately 7,500 in Washington County.

Three wheelbarrow loads of whiskey and wine bottles were removed from beneath the residence adjoining the County Jail Saturday by workmen engaged in a cleanup job, Deputy Sheriff Leister Isanogle said today.


Week of April 7, 1977

A tightly organized citizens group has formed in Boonsboro to stop deep-well testing by the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Geological Survey in Washington County.

Their battle could gear up into a national test case pitting rural agricultural water needs against sprawling metropolitan demands for water.

City police Sgt. Ken Gouff says statistics show a decrease in accidents in town during March. There were 93 accidents last month, compared to 104 in March 1976.

How do Washington County families compare in size with families in other sections of the country?

Families in Washington County, according to the latest figures, are somewhat smaller than in most communities. There are now some 288 persons per 100 households locally. Elsewhere, the average is 296 per 100 households. In the South Atlantic states, it is 307.

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