Mail Call 4/3

April 03, 2002

"I am responding to the Mail Call in Friday's paper, I lost an envelope of money at the Centre at Hagerstown this past week. My number is 301-824-3257. I can identify it, if you would give me a call."

"Does anyone know what to do to prevent leg cramps? I know bananas work. I have eaten bananas for several years and haven't had any leg cramps. But now I have digestive problems to where I can't eat the bananas anymore."

"I guess we are going to have Bill O'Reily as a columnist in the Sunday Herald-Mail from now on. I can assure you that when the elderly person in this household dies, this paper will be canceled immediately. I can't believe that you would hire someone like Bill O'Reily. If I wanted to read something like that with no truth or credibility, I can go pick up one of the national tabloids once a week. You are supposed to be a newspaper, not a scandal sheet."


"Anyone interested in purchasing collectors Coca-Cola bottles? Please leave the information in Mail Call. I will get back with you."

"The federal government says that illegal drug money fuels the terrorists activities. So if you are doing drugs, guess what?"

"Does anyone have any information about MS Support Groups?"

"I get so upset when I see these government ads on TV for anti-smoking targeting teenagers. I myself am not a smoker, so that is not the reason for calling. All I see on TV is ads for beer and now hard alcohol. You don't think teenagers are attracted to these ads? Where are the M.A.D.D. and anti-drinking groups? These are the people they should be targeting. There aren't too many accidents or deaths on the highway caused by someone smoking a cigarette. I just can't imagine how many drunk drivers there are out there every night."

"I have chronic pancreatitis. It's very painful. I would like to talk to someone who has had it, either chronic, acute or otherwise. Call me at 301-416-0713."

"Has anyone in the area other than myself ever received a bill from Direct Merchants Bank and a credit card that says zero balance? But we still have this credit card number, which we didn't even apply for. So we called Direct Merchants Bank to tell them that we don't want this card and to take our name off. They asked for my husband's Social Security number and I was wondering if anyone else has gone through this. I know you are never to give out your Social Security number, but I want to know if this is legal or not."

"I was just reading Mail Call about Dudley Moore and they said there wasn't an article in the paper about him. There sure was, I don't know how you could have missed it, there was a big picture also. It was in the same paper as Milton Berle's."

"White peanut butter fudge will be white if you use white peanut butter in your recipe. That is the secret to making white peanut butter fudge."

"I want to congratulate Richard and Chris. On March 11, they had twin girls. From a co-worker."

"Does anyone know if dogs are allowed in the new Fairgrounds Park? I haven't seen any signs when I am over there. I have seen several people walking their dogs. I have seen signs at the Pangborn Park and at City Park."

"To the person commenting on the house in Chewsville with the 'It's a Boy' sign. How about worrying about your ownself and not everyone else? Why do people have to be so concerned about a little sign in front of someone's house?"

"I am calling from Auburn Drive in Smithsburg. A white cat has moved underneath our porch. It has been there for about a week and a half. We are interested in getting him back to his family. Leave your name and number in Mail Call and we will get back with you."

"To the people who live in Chewsville that have 'It's a Boy' decoration on their door. Keep it up as long as you want. I am glad to see that someone is proud of their child and they would keep that up there. To the person who told them to take it down, why don't you mind your own business?"

"For all the bad things you hear about the police officers in Hagers-town. I would like to tell you a story about a man named Officer Russell. He went out of his way to rescue a child that was being held against the other parent's will. He worked last Tuesday night in the rain until he came up with the answers and got the child back. I want to thank him and I believe he is a true hero. He works for the Hagerstown Police Department."

"I hope when and if they build a new hospital, it will be a lot faster than the current one. I was at the ER and sat for two hours before I even got waited on."

"To Dan Spears: Kansas was going to do what to whom on Sunday? Please send me the bill for the crow you had for dinner and I will send you a check."

"I lost a black nylon jacket with a hood at Valley Mall on Friday morning. If anyone found one, turn it into the customer service at Valley Mall."

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