Mail Call for 4/1

April 02, 2002

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some` of the calls we have received lately:

"Does anyone know what the plans are for the Sears building at the Long Meadow Shopping Center? I think it would be a wonderful place for a senior citizens activity center. The parking would be great and its easy access because everyone knows where it is. It's such a waste to see such a big building go to waste. It also has an escalator inside. There would be no problem with the seniors getting up to the second floor, if there was an activity there. Seniors don't get what they deserve. Offer more programs, things that don't cost that much money and places where they could meet."


- Sabillasville

"Could you please run the recipe again for the white peanut butter fudge? I missed it and I keep seeing ... 'mmmmmm' ... how good it was. Is it really white or is it just light colored? If it has peanut butter in it, it wouldn't seem like it would be white. Maybe a tan color?"

"It's not fair. You can congratulate William on his bowling tournament, you can congratulate Holly for being on the dean's list, but you can't say happy birthday. I think what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you can't wish happy birthday, then you shouldn't be able to say congratulations. You need to make up your mind, if you are going to sweep one out, sweep them all out. It's not fair."

"We seem to forget with our Easter bonnets, all our Easter parades and all the hoopla that He is the reason for the season."

"Should video cameras be put in nursing homes? Absolutely. I am a former employee and I saw things that you would not believe. I saw things out of people that you wouldn't believe. I saw nurses do things that were absolutely abusive. I saw people pinch noses to where they were bruised. They were reported to the administration and they did nothing. I saw people dragged down the hallways and forced to take a bath when they didn't want to. Administration knew about it and did nothing. I heard people complain about being physically abused, hit and punched. The person complained to administration and nothing was done about it. Where did the bruises come from? The only ones that say they don't want the cameras are going to be a nursing home worker. They don't want to be watched because they are ashamed of their work. If they have nothing to be ashamed of, then let the cameras roll."

"To the people in Washington County: You don't know how lucky you are. You complain about your taxes being so high and they keep going up higher. Man you should live in Frederick County. The taxes keep going up, up, up and up. The County Commissioners are always giving county employees raises. Now David Gray, president of the County Commissioners, has been quoted as saying, 'a new painting that cost $50,000 is to be put on a wall and Frederick County is going to pay for it.' He says, 'It will be a treasure for the town.'"

"There is a scam going on in the Beaver Creek area. Two white men in an old model car, roughly an Oldsmobile. The car is green and brown wanting to shampoo your rugs. It's a scam, keep your eyes alert."

"I understand that the commissioners want to give $150,000 to the director of 'Gods and Generals' to put on another movie in Washington County and later on it will turn into a grant. Another words, they will give it to him. Taxpayers in Washington County have no business giving money to anyone to make a movie. The County Commissioners are responsible for this. If they want to be re-elected, they better not do it. They are lucky they didn't lose their money the last time they gave them $300,000. They better not take a chance or they will lose big time, not only on the money, but in the election."

"About the cameras being in the nursing homes, the sooner the better. The mistreatment has been going on for too long. You can see the treatment so much and when they know the state is coming, everything is up to date."

"Bob Maginnis in Wednesday's paper said that it was cheaper to live in the city than in the county. But then when you read the article, it's clear that he is talking about if you have a very modest home or if you are very poor. County living for people who are of moderate to high income is much better and they are the people that the city needs to keep the city going. Mr. Maginnis' point is wrong and misguided. We can't be a city for renters and we can't be a city for bums."

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