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April 01, 2002

Cameras are OK

To the editor:

As a regular subscriber of this newspaper for years, I enjoy reading the opinion page, including mail call. Some that make sense, I agree with, while some remarks reveal the ignorance and naivety of the caller. Mail call on Feb. 8 had a very good message that I think deserves more exposure to the public ear, so I will quote it as it was published.

"I just got to reading about the bill that lets cameras nab speeders in addition to the drivers that run red lights. I think it is the best idea. I am amazed at the attitude of the Maryland motorists when they say that the idea is simply a way to bring in money, while intruding on the rights of others. Come on, people, there are laws on the books about the speed limits and stopping at the lights when they are red. If you disobey these laws, you've got every right to be caught in any manner available and pay the penalty. What is so hard to understand about that? If cameras are going to bring a little bit of law and order, I am all for the cameras."


This will, most likely, upset some and be applauded by others. However, I'm convinced the caller was on target. I, for one, appreciate the broad freedoms we have in the best nation on this earth. Don't forget that with every right and privilege, comes an added responsibility.

I'd like to hear from the caller I quoted.

Edgar M. Foltz Jr.

Greencastle, Pa.

Sickening crime

To the editor:

The brutal molestation and murder of young Christopher Ausherman should do more than prompt state lawmakers to push for a Second Offenders "type" law to enhance harsher punishment for sexual predators. I cannot think of appropriate wording that will adequately describe how I feel about child molesters, other than sub-human garbage, and if they had been taken care of the first time around, then there would be no need for a "Second Offenders Law."

Individuals seeking public office in most part are honorable individuals who want to help their citizens. However, over the years, all you really ever hear is "sound bite," and baseless promises. First time child sexual predators should face the harshest punishment possible. What have you accomplished if you have to enact a law for a second offense of child molestation?

Those who support the sentencing of child molesters tot he Sexual Offenders Programs at Patuxent in Jessup, or to the one at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore will of course defend their programs, simply because without the programs their jobs and theories would be gone and useless. I have been in prison for more than 24 years (total) and I can give you a better insight into the lives of these child molesters inside the system. They laugh at the time judges give them.

First and foremost, erase the fantasy that a convicted child molester will b e brutalized in prison if other convicts find out what his charge is. That concept went out with the ball and chains. I have read countless articles where bleeding heart liberal judges would not sentence a child molester to a long term because he did not want to traumatize the defendant with a lengthy sentence in prison and the life he would face inside. That's pure crap.

This particular crime, child molestation, is a brutal, sickening crime. Think real hard, what was the last thing Christopher Ausherman saw and the terror, then ask yourself should you get involved. Don't wait until it's your child, or any next child.

James F. Sipes, No. 192-120


Good news

To the editor:

The newsroom really all outdid itself in yesterday afternoon's paper. It was such a beautiful day when I went to the paper-box to get the paper! My neighbors were planting flowers, and hoeing weeds! When I saw the front page of the paper, I called to them to look at the front page real soon! You see, the Duffey's have given us much music for several years now in our facility. All of us have come to love them just as Andrea said in the story. Wonder what comments will be made of the excellent way the photographer caught them in action! I'd give him a top award if I had my way!

Then, I turn pages and find the excellent story about the boy who overcame odds! Congratulations Jesse. It's a good article. I also found the article about the Heritage group doing HEIDI. Thank you so much for all of the good information. I hope to go and enjoy, and I am going to request that they take our van, but if they don't, I shall find some people to go with me.

Thanks again for the pictures and article. I know that Flower Hill will be very happy. I called one of the residents at once and told her it was in the paper. Her daughter is a teacher in the Day Care. I told her to go out and buy the copies she needs to send to her before stores recycle them! She thanked me and was delighted that you used it.

Happy Easter and best wishes to all.

Olive Peters


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