Rose growers share insight

April 01, 2002|BY SARAH MULLIN

Members of the Cumberland Valley Rose Society shared their tips on how to grow healthy roses with a group of about 10 people at Home Depot in Hagerstown on Saturday.

Charlie Mundey, a member of the group for 30 years, said he has about 300 rose bushes.

"I just love to see roses grow and bloom. I have a small living room with a bay window, and when I sit down at meal time I can see all my roses growing, if I do everything right," he said.

The tips given to other rose growers and lovers were meant to help in the effort to do "everything right."

Society president Dick Chaney gave advise on location.

"First, look out your window and find a nice sunny spot away from trees," he said.

He said roses need six hours of sunlight a day, and the soil in which they are planted needs to be well drained.


Chaney said he loves roses because of their fragrance.

Mundey told the group how to plant and prune a bush. The best time to plant is in March or November, he said.

Advice on fertilizers was given by member Jim Stewart, who lost his eyesight a few years ago.

"He might not be able to see them, but he can smell them," Mundey said.

Rose Society member Richard Lynch told the group about pest control.

"Roses are like people," Lynch said. "If they are healthy and get a bug they can toss it off. If they are not healthy and get a bug like a virus or fungus they can't toss it off."

Some of the most common nuisances for roses are black spot, aphids, mildew, Japanese beetle, thrip and spider mites, he said.

"Recognize what you are dealing with," Lynch said. "You have to know what the symptoms are before you can treat it. You can do more harm than good if you don't read the labels."

The Rose Society will conduct a pruning demonstration Saturday at 10 a.m. at Ravenwood Lutheran Village, where the group of about 25 members maintain the village's rose garden.

For more information on the society which is the local chapter of the American Rose Society, contact Mundey at 301-797-5305 or Chaney at 301-790-0185.

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