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March 29, 2002

Bush's plan to solve our problems

To the editor:

With President George W. Bush at the helm, Americans of all persuasions can easily put their fears to rest. Maybe.

Environmentalists need not worry about Bush's plan to drill for oil in Alaska's wilderness. With American military personnel on the Russian border in Georgia, it won't be long before President Putin and the Russian military move, massing troops and weapons within striking distance of Alaska. Presto! Due to the military threat, the administration's need for Alaska's oil will be put on a back burner.

Regarding true campaign finance reform, forget it. Throughout history every tyrannical government had to have a strong military to keep them safe and powerful. The Bush administration is moving ever closer in this direction. Their objective to occupy land and to capture and/or kill every terrorist in the world is unachievable and crazy.

When bombs and missiles rain on American soil, many of our brave and adventurous leaders will run and scatter, like rats abandoning a sinking ship, into their holes and not bee seen or heard until the dust settles. Abracadabra! Elections and true campaign finance reform will disappear for the duration of the war.


Last but not least, Americans need not worry about their Social Security trust fund going broke. After waging a costly war everywhere, leaving less than half the population alive, there'll be more than enough money in the Social Security fund to give every American survivor a monthly pension check. Like waving a magic wand, there'll be no need for 401K or to privatize money in the stock market.

Rather than face the threat of a nuclear war and to avoid another unimaginable holocaust, America must negotiate, trust, honor, love and obey God. We must make peace, not war.

Theodore A. Schendel

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Teachers' lead role

To the editor:

Teachers are not just ordinary men and women, but they are professionals in their field and they carry the weight of our future in their hands daily. Often the only positive role model many students see is their teachers. Role models are very important to young impressionable minds. Too often many of the role models our students look up to are failures in strong moral values so that is why our teachers should always be the positive role model.

Some would say that mentoring is up to the parents. I would agree with that statement in part. The sad fact of the matter is that many students do not have positive role models at home to lead them. Therefore, it is up to the school system to create that environment for all students where each student has a positive role model.

Students across America spend several hours daily in the classroom being taught by the educators of our states. Often students see their teachers more than they do their own parents. This is often a result of work schedules, but more often are the cases of parental neglect in the homes.

While West Virginia teachers are one of the most positive role models for our children, they are often doing a job that stretches them to the limits. For some children these educators are the only adults they come in contact with daily who have such a great influence on their destiny. This therefore develops a positive student/teacher relationship. It is imperative that the schools across America that have dedicated men and women to assist in the future plans for our students.

If it were not for the teachers of America, who would train the lawyers, doctors, astronauts, presidents, bankers and corporate CEO's? Each successful person in America has a teacher somewhere to thank or in many cases, several teachers to thank. Indeed they carry an awesome responsibility and it yields to them many personal rewards as they see their students pursue successful careers.

Ron Payne

Hedgesville, W.Va.

Daschle's ambition

To the editor:

Sen. Tom Daschle wants to be president of the United States so badly he can taste it. He is grasping at straws in his effort to come up with an issue that he can turn into a political advantage, hence his unjustified and short sighted criticism of President Bush's conduct of this war.

I have to wonder if he realizes the gravity of what he has done. I am sure he has given comfort and pleasure to bin Laden and his band of cutthroats by painting a picture of divisions which is not true.

Senator Daschle should check the latest polls and see what Americans think of our presidents action. The 78 percent approval rating may force him to find another issue on which to base his campaign, and then he could pass that info on to his buddy Sen. Byrd of W.Va.

John H. McCune


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