court log 3/29

March 29, 2002

Man to serve four years for cocaine distribution

Dawud Khalaf Bowens, 20, pleaded guilty Tuesday to distribution of cocaine before Washington County Circuit Judge Kennedy Boone.

Boone sentenced Bowens to 10 years in prison with all but four years suspended.

Bowens, of New York and Martinsburg, W.Va., was charged with distribution of cocaine after being stopped by police after exiting Byers Stop-N-Go on Burhans Boulevard in November 2001, according to Assistant Washington County State's Attorney Joseph Michael.

Police stopped Bowens and the man he was with because police thought one of them was driving with a suspended license.

Drugs were found during a search of the vehicle, Michael said.

Teen gets probation

for resisting arrest

A 17-year-old Hagerstown teenager pleaded guilty to resisting arrest Wednesday before Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Beachley sitting in Juvenile Court.


In exchange for his plea, Assistant Washington County State's Attorney Joseph Michael recommended probation.

Michael said the juvenile was stopped by police in October 2001 for questioning because he allegedly smelled of marijuana and was seen chewing suspiciously. The juvenile was not charged with any drug offenses.

Police said the teenager refused to cooperate and kicked a police officer several times in the shins.

Michael said he recommended probation because the teenager was respectful to officers in the police station and had no prior convictions.

Beachley sentenced the teenager to indefinite supervised probation with drug testing and 20 hours of community service. He also was told he must attend school or work and write a letter of apology to the officer.

Judge throws out assault charges against girl

Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Beachley, sitting in Juvenile Court, threw out assault charges against a 13-year-old Hagerstown girl during a hearing Wednesday.

The girl, who was 12 at the time of the incident last summer, was charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment in connection with a fight she had with her mother.

After hearing testimony from police, the girl's mother and uncle, Beachley said there insufficient evidence to prove the charges.

The girl's mother testified that they fought because the girl had a friend over while the mother was not at home. When she returned, she found food that was in the refrigerator had been eaten and was attempting to reprimand her daughter for allowing her friend to eat it.

The two struggled and at one point the daughter picked up a kitchen knife, her mother testified. She didn't gesture toward anyone with it or try to stab anyone. Her uncle took the knife from her.

The juvenile fled the scene and was found a block away by police.

Beachley said there was no evidence the teenager threatened anyone with the knife or that anyone was in danger from the girl.

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