Letters to the Editor 3/28

March 28, 2002

County 'vision' one of strip malls

To the editor:

Once again, our local developers are pushing for zoning guidelines that fatten their wallets at the expense of Washington County. Thanks to the cries of "unfair" by the usual contingent of speculators, builders, real estate salespeople, and others, the revised draft of the County's Comprehensive Plan includes an incentive system whereby additional homes can (and surely will) be built on lands outside the designated urban growth corridor.

Never mind that these lands are classified as agriculture, environmental conservation and preservation, and should be treated as such if we are to safeguard the rural values and quality of life of Washington County.

To the "good ol' boys club" and their charter members on the planning commission and County Commission their vision of Washington County is one of unending subdivisions and tacky strip malls - none of which they want to live by but are happy to put in someone else's neighborhood. Their agenda does not include concerns for visual blight, loss of farmland and the farming way of life, traffic gridlock, overcrowded schools, better employment opportunities, or higher taxes.


We deserve better than a repeat of the mistakes that have destroyed the character and future potential of places like Frederick County. If you agree, please fax or mail a note by March 28 (or ASAP) to the Washington County Planning Department (80 West Baltimore Street, Hagerstown 21740) insisting that the incentive options be removed from the Comprehensive Plan.

Kurt Redenbo


Museum of fine arts

To the editor:

As a long-time collector I have watched the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts grow during the last decades from a ho-hum institution into a gallery that highly impresses art collectors nationally and elsewhere.

The Museum is no longer a mausoleum to be visited once. It has expanded twice to house its growing collection and activities, while its able staff provides classes, lectures and concerts open to the public, in addition to changing exhibitions of considerable merit.

Great paintings by Thomas Moran, Frederic Church and John LaFarge, now on exhibit from the Museum's collection, are reason enough to visit the Museum. Quality works from the Society of Marine Artists and the Women's Art Exhibition also make a trip to the Museum worthwhile.

For a pleasant surprise, as well as an enriching experience, I recommend a visit to the Museum.

H. Cotesworth Craig II

Emmitsburg, Md.

Opera House is great

To the editor:

Thank you Kate Coleman for the enlightening article on the Old Opera House. I urge all in this readership area who have yet to enjoy a production of the OOH to do so.

Mr. Morgan should be credited for his real-life creativity on the stage. On my last two visits to the OOH, much to my surprise, when the script called for a character to smoke a cigarette, the actor did indeed light up and smoke! The smoke permeated the audience, allowing us to be a part of the play as well as being an observer of the play.

Morgan stated that the audience brings something home from the play. I brought home smoke-riddled clothes, skin and hair! As cigarette smoke makes me sick, I can no longer attend these wonderful OOH productions.

However, for those theater goers who enjoy real-life entertainment, you will not regret your attendance at this beautiful quaint theater. There is no need to "go down the road" for quality theater. We have it in Charles Town at the Old Opera House.

K.C. Keto


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