Mail Call for 3/26

March 27, 2002

"I want to thank Jan of Williamsport on her excellent letter to the editor in Sunday's paper. It took Dan Spears over the coals. Any sports writer that relies on cheap shots, name calling, uses poor judgment and has a total lack of class should be raked over the coals. Thanks, Jan, for speaking for thousands of us. That was an excellent letter."

"Congratulations to the Hagers-town Bulldog Hockey Team for bringing home the gold. They took first place in the Fifth Annual Mont Valley St. Patrick's Day Hockey Tournament. We knew you could do it. Way to end the season, congratulations!"

"To all the 'Days of Our Lives' fans. Do you know what happened with Carolyn Brady and the horrible wigs she has been wearing? Has she been sick? Did she lose her hair? For several months now, she has been wearing terrible looking wigs. Also, where is Haddy, the Marlena lookalike? I thought she was supposed to come back to 'Days?' By the way, I know in real life, she is Marlena's true life twin. What happened with this? I saw Stefano playing on another show, so I know he is gone."


"I think it's time for a change in leadership at the Maryland Theatre. We need a new director because we need some fresh ideas. There is more than symphony and country music fans. There are rock 'n' roll fans.

"If they put that hospital out at Robinwood, it sure would keep all those poor people from town from walking into the emergency room for medical care. Maybe they ought to get the hospital to run the Community Free Clinic too. That would take the load off the bus lines at Robinwood."

"I want to thank the lady that put the recipe in for the white peanut butter fudge. I appreciate it. I am going to try it to see how it turns out. Thank you."

- Hagerstown

"To the person who said about Glendening putting up a $5,000 fence for his wife's dog and that you should contact him to put the fence up at the ice skating rink. Does anyone else have any ideas since the governor spent all the money on the dog's fence?"

- Hagerstown

"Brrrrrr!!! What happened to spring?"

"To the people who have been calling in about immigrants. Stop and think about your own heritage. Where did your ancestors come from? I bet they came to America on a boat. Check your heritage, I bet they came on the boat."

"I saw in Mail Call where someone was complaining about the way people park in Cross Creek. I have a complaint about that area, too. I have a neighbor that has a garage and a driveway and never uses them. They park their vehicles in front of their house and both neighbors' houses. I realize that anyone has the right to park on these streets, but I think you should be courteous to your neighbors and use your driveway and garage and not use up all the spaces in front of your neighbors."

"Something happened at a school on Friday. One of the little boys in my family, not my son, took stuff to school for a science project to make a volcano, the one where lava comes out. One teacher looked at it and told him it was OK and that it would work and gave it back to him. Another teacher took it, took it to the principal and had them call the police saying that he was carrying poison around the school. You people are getting out of hand."

"I work in a local nursing home and I know what really goes on. They should get these cameras in right away. I see people that don't get their food half the time, they are in bed more than they are up. I see them having their nose held to be given medicine and I have also seen them grab their arm so hard that they were bruised. When I reported it to the administrator, he acted like he didn't want to hear it. I will be glad when they get these cameras in so it will help protect these poor people."

"I want to thank the lady who found my credit card in the parking lot. She didn't leave her name, but I wanted to thank her. It's nice to know that there is still someone honest out there who cares about someone else. May God bless you."

"My daughter is in kindergarten and I think it's pretty sad that she only went on one field trip this year and that was to a pumpkin patch back in October. Everyone else's child in kindergarten at other schools have already gone on four or five trips already this year - to the symphony, to nursing homes and to visit other people at Christmas. I was told that the teachers were responsible for making arrangements for field trips. What's everyone else's opinion on this?"

"I live in Cross Creek and parking is permitted on both sides of the street."

"In regards to the 'granny cams' in the nursing homes. I agree with them. This is a good opportunity for the nursing staff, the assistants getting accused of things they didn't do and for the nurses getting caught for what they have done."

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