Chambersburg unveils aggressive campaign to fix streets

March 21, 2002|BY STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A $2.4 million plan to repair many of the worst streets and alleys in Chambersburg over the next five years is the most ambitious public works schedule the borough has undertaken, officials said this week.

The plan includes more than 40 reconstruction and paving projects in the borough through 2006.

"This is the most ambitious plan we have put before council," Borough Manager Eric Oyer said Tuesday.

The council has already approved $428,000 in the 2002 budget for public works projects, but Oyer asked the council to consider adopting schedules for future years now to allow for better planning.

"It's not only for the purpose of giving staff direction, it tells the public what we intend to do," Oyer said.

This year's projects include the re-decking of the Grant Street bridge and reconstructing East Washington Street between Second and Third streets.


The most costly projects are expected to be the repaving of Broad Street at $100,000 and Progress Road for $85,000.

Public Works Director Robert Wagner said the projects are being bid by the square-yard, so the borough may be able to do more roads than planned if the estimates are low.

But bids have come in at more than double the estimated $30,000 to replace the Grant Street bridge deck, he said.

Wagner said he was working with the architect to find ways for borough public works forces to do some of the work and plans to re-bid the project.

Council members supported the long-term look at improving borough streets, but some questioned why a bigger project like redoing Brumbaugh Avenue is not on the five-year list.

Wagner said the borough doesn't have the money for the $500,000 project, which would require leveling the road's hills and valleys.

"We would be looking for a grant. That's a major, major construction project," he said.

Brumbaugh Avenue runs parallel to Stouffer Avenue, connecting Lincoln Way East and McKinley Street.

The borough plans to finance the public works projects in the five-year plan primarily through the liquid fuel funds from the state and the borough's self insurance fund.

In addition to the $428,000 for 2002, the budget also outlines the following public works spending:

- $395,000 in 2003, to overlay Coldbrook Avenue from McKinley Street to Wayne Avenue, overlay Mill Road and construct a shoulder and guard rails, and four other projects.

- $393,000 in 2004, primarily to overlay Hollywell Avenue and build a shoulder on the road. Other funds will be used to pave five alleys.

- $590,000 in 2005, to reconstruct and widen Roland Avenue and overlay eight streets.

- $590,000 in 2006, for the construction of Hudson, Ohio and Horst avenues and 11 other projects.

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