Mail Call for 3/21

March 21, 2002

"Senior citizens and teens have collided twice this past year with the railroad underpass at Pangborn. The latest one on Thanksgiving Day at 9:30 p.m. Do we need a fatality before we focus attention to this dark bent road? The road is built with one 90 degree turn and then a sweeping 60 degree turn to enter the underpass. Speed and poor visibility have been a factor in both collisions to the bridge. Pole lights have been burnt out at the 60 degree curve, with no reflection devices or white lines denoting curvature of roadway. This accident was never reported by the paper. A white Pontiac was wedged inside the walkway, with three teens being cut out and still alive (Lucky teens!). Would the traffic department respond to this Mail Call before the funeral wagon?"

"Why are sidewalks being extended all over town, where no one is ever walking? Just in case the sidewalk contractor ever ends up with extra concrete at sometime while laying sidewalks to no where, would a city engineer please study the risky road conditions our mothers must navigate when wheeling their children from Mulberry and View Street to Pangborn Park where no continuous sidewalks have ever reached. While there, please note the lack of ramps into the park for wheeled strollers and lack of handicap facilities for wheelchairs."


"I am responding to the Mail Call pal who asked the opinion of other people on taking out the birthday greetings. I think they should be left in there. As she said, you can go on for four weeks about an ugly truck, why can't you put a birthday in?"

"I am so sick and tired of hearing about Jeff Gordon and his wife getting divorced. It's nobody's business. That has nothing to do with his sport. Before people criticize Jeff, they better look at themselves. Stop putting people down. No matter what, Jeff will still always be the No. 1 NASCAR driver."

"I live in the 800 block of Washington Avenue and the next time these people let their dogs and cats use my yard as a bathroom, I am going to call the police. You know who you are."

"More and more I am reading in papers about people doing volunteer work in poverty Asia and poverty Africa. Don't we have enough people in this country to take care of that are in poverty?"

"In response to the caller at Clear Spring Middle School last Wednesday and saw a boy come out with a large hat on. Well, the reason he had a large hat on is because it was Spirit Week and it was Crazy Hat Day on Wednesday."

"I work in a union shop in Hagerstown and I hear all these guys saying about buying American. They want everyone to buy American, but they will buy foreign-made products and hide them in their homes or buy a foreign car, but don't drive it to work, they leave it home."

"I think people that live in Hagerstown or visit should realize that everyone on this Earth is different. It gets sick to see that everyone can forget that. Nobody is the same, everyone is different, so remember that and be nice."

"I agree with the person who called Mail Call about people passing on the right and making improper turns from the bike lanes at Huyetts Crossroads. If you sit in the proper lane to make the proper turn, it is very dangerous because someone is always coming up on your right side and you can't always see them. Something needs to be done, either ticket those making the wrong turns or change the lane patterns on the road. Doesn't matter which way you are heading, they always make improper turns at that intersection."

"I read where someone said that Rusty Yates was just as responsible for those five kids' death as much as his wife. I don't agree with that. I learned the hard way that nobody is responsible for my actions, just as I am not responsible for another person's actions. They also said that he knew she couldn't handle that, he knew she couldn't cope with raising those children, work and homeschooling. Well, you don't exactly know how another person feels inside, either. I learned that the hard way when I said, 'I know how you feel,' and that person said, 'No you don't know how I feel.' So no, I don't feel that Rusty Yates is responsible for the death of the five children. She is the one responsible and she is responsible for her own actions."

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