Stanicek, Michelle - babysitter abuse

March 19, 2002|BY MARLO BARNHART

A Hagerstown woman accused of injuring a 3-year-old boy for whom she was baby-sitting in February has been charged by Hagerstown City Police with second-degree assault and felony child abuse, custodian.

Michelle L. Stanicek, 24, of 19 Broadway, has waived a preliminary hearing in Washington County District Court and is awaiting a trial date in Washington County Circuit Court, according to court records.

Hagerstown City Police responded to Washington County Hospital on Feb. 9 when Timothy Zirkle was taken there by his mother, Kelly Zirkle, for treatment of scrapes on his face and forehead, court records said.

Kelly Zirkle alleged to Officer Wayne Zimmerer that her son told her that when he broke a VCR tape belonging to Stanicek's husband that day, she "banged his head off the floor."


Zimmerer took photographs of the boy's injuries before he was released from the hospital.

On Feb. 16, Detective Carroll Braun interviewed Stanicek at police headquarters. According to court records, she told Braun that she had been watching Timothy and his younger sister at her home two nights a week for the past year to 18 months.

Stanicek first told Braun that Timothy got his injuries when he was outside playing and tripped over a ball, falling on his face and head on the concrete patio, court records said.

That same day, Braun went to the Zirkle home and showed Timothy the pictures taken the day he got his injuries and asked him how he was hurt.

"Michelle did it," Timothy told Braun, court records said. "She banged my head on the floor."

On Feb. 19, Braun re-interviewed Stanicek along with a Department of Social Services counselor about Timothy's statement and she admitted she smacked the boy in the nose and mouth for breaking the tape, court records alleged.

She said she didn't mean to push Timothy so hard, noting she had been having trouble controlling her anger recently, court records said.

Braun served Stanicek with a criminal summons on Feb. 22.

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