Super 6 winners to get $1.56 million

March 19, 2002|BY STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - The 14 Food Lion employees who won the largest cash payout in the Pennsylvania Lottery's history each will receive about $1.56 million after taxes.

The group purchased the sole winning ticket for the March 9 Super 6 Lotto drawing at a Chambersburg Sheetz station, Sally Danyluk, a Pennsylvania Lottery spokeswoman, said.

Danyluk did not know which Sheetz station sold the ticket.

"It is the single largest one-time cash payment the lottery will make in their 30-year history," Danyluk said.

The Pennsylvania Lottery on Monday officially validated the ticket, which is worth $30,018,867.50.

The Super 6 Lotto jackpot had been steadily building since one winner matched all six numbers and won $17.2 million Dec. 5, she said.

Danyluk said it is her understanding the cash payout will be divided evenly among the 14 players.

They will receive their checks during a presentation at the Sheetz store in about a month.


Danyluk said 27 percent of the winnings are withheld by the federal government, leaving each winner with approximately $1,565,000.

She identified one winner as Tammy Pearl of Chambersburg but could not confirm the names of the other winners.

A phone number believed to be Pearl's had been disconnected and the new number is unpublished.

A Food Lion employee said the store had no comment Monday. She said all of the employees were still working at the store.

Few Franklin County residents have hit the lottery in the last decade.

Since 1990, Danyluk reported two winners.

In 1990, a Waynesboro man won $2.49 million in an online game, and in 1991, a Greencastle, Pa., couple won $1 million.

The employees at the Chambersburg Food Lion, 4120 Philadelphia Ave., have maintained their anonymity since the drawing.

The group held the only winning ticket in the drawing and would have received about $60 million in 26 payments had they chosen the annuity value.

Danyluk said it is common for players to choose the cash option when payouts run above $20 million.

"Between 82 and 85 percent were selecting cash" in the March 9 Super 6 drawing, she said.

The winning numbers were: 05, 25, 33, 46, 59, 66.

To play Super 6, players select six numbers from a field of one to 69. Players must match all six numbers with those drawn by the lottery to win the jackpot prize.

The odds of winning the top prize were 1-in-39.9 million, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

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