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letters to the editor - 3/16/02

March 18, 2002

Great story

To the editor:

Kudoes to Ms. Allen and her very special fifth graders! What a heart-warming story.

Jacqueline Fields


(Editor's note: The author is referring a Jan. 27 editorial page column which profiled teacher Donna Pile Allen's projects to teach fifth graders at Hagerstgown's Bester Elementary School about manners and mentoring.)

Milking crime

To the editor:

This responds to the article by Laura Ernde of Feb. 7, which speaks to suits by inmates against prison guards, etc.


So much, about so little. Indeed, if Del. Sue Hecht would like to dwell on the more meaningful and substantive as well as real issues of today's world, she might allow for the following to resonate:

State police advocates are milking the public. They are doing so not for the benefit of society, but for the purpose of expanding their ranks to more deeply profit from our national crime/drug pandemic.

May I suggest it is time to turn a corner? To embrace such low policy changes that have now dramatically reduced crime and drug rates in other countries? In doing so we could divert resources to genuine problems and areas like terrorism protection and chemical medical technological research to offset mortal disaster.

I am more limited in space but if Hecht would like me to expand on various aspects and prisons in the judicial correctional views I have garnered in my near quarter century of incarceration, I would be pleased to oblige.

Ray Mileski


Roxbury Correctional Institution

Prayer isn't magic

To the editor:

To answer Mr. Pigg's letter on Valentines Day entitled "God poor at answering prayer," I humbly submit a few comments.

Prayer was never meant to be a magic wand to make all our boo boos go away. God is not a Cosmic Bellhop who waits to jump every time we call. Prayer is a verbal expression of and cooperation in the Will of God.

We worship God not because he insulates us from suffering, but because he helps us through our suffering. God, in his wisdom, knows that suffering can bring forth good, in the end. You and I don't understand everything. God sees things differently than we do.

Anyone who writes to discredit prayer will not succeed because too many people have already proved the power of prayer. It's useless to discredit prayer or God because billions of Christians testify to how powerful it is.

You indicated that the needy world is waiting for answers to prayer. May I suggest that the problem is not the uselessness of prayer but the lack of involvement from people.

While we pray for people, and we should, the world waits for us to be the very answer to those prayers. The best place to pray for potatoes is at the end of a hoe. The best place to pray for the poor is in a soup kitchen, the best place to pray for an atheist is showing unconditional love to him.

Yes, there are many problems with today's lukewarm flavor of Christianity. No, we're not perfect. But to say that professing Christians are not true followers of Christ is to set yourself up as judge.

Some professing agnostics and atheists are not true followers of their own theories, because in the quiet moments of their desperate trials, sickness, and on their deathbed they call out to God in prayer. Even Darwin did.

John Miller Pastor,

Faith Christian Fellowship


Too much 'butter'

To the editor:

Every employer, I believe, has their share of employees in the workforce who "butter up" supervisors and managers, etc. to get ahead - to get a raise in pay or to get a position they want badly.

These people upset me the most because they take the easy shortcut road or way to get ahead without paying or earning it with good honest hard work.

It also seems as though some employers will hire you only if they see on your job application that you know or are related to someone who already works for them, which is ridiculous. It's job discrimination to say the least.

Some employers also seem to keep their workforce in the family. I think they hire a lot all in the family - (people).

I would like to note in this letter also if I may about several people who told me they used to attend church but don't anymore due to being judged by the clothing or attire they wear.

Some of the preachers and church members seem to put on a fashion show which is wrong because most people like to attend church to hear the gospel of Jesus, I believe, not for a fashion show. Besides, I don't think Jesus would like or care for this kind of practice of religion being put on or preached at churches.

Pete Seville

Greencastle, Pa.

Why not volunteer if you've got time?

To the editor:

For A.K.

Overpopulation! I take it you're a monk. Never been married and had no children. Your parents had you so you are population.

A few years ago you picked on the handicapped, now it's people and last it was waterfowl (swans).

If you have so much time, why don't you do volunteer work and stop writing nasty letters?

Mrs. Louise Shipley

Clear Spring

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