Mail Call for 3/15

March 15, 2002

"Everyone knows that it's a man's world. I kind of wonder if Mr. Yates would have drowned those children, I wonder what the verdict would have been. I feel it would have probably been a little more understanding."

"Every day on the front page of the paper there is something about this drought. This drought thing is very serious. People may think that by them saving a little bit of water that it's not helping much. It should take, let's say, 500,000 households or any given number, if each one of those houses would save at least a gallon of water, that's a lot of water when you add it up. We have to pull together on this drought thing. If we don't we are all going to suffer. If there is any way you can think of saving water, I suggest you do so."

"I have a water saving tip. I have very sensitive teeth and can't brush my teeth with cold water. I used to run the water until it became warm. Since the drought I have been trying to save water. So the night before I would fill up a large tumbler and let it sit on the sink and by morning it is at room temperature. I use it to rinse my mouth and then brush my teeth, this way I am not letting water run down the drain."


"Could anyone tell me how old you have to be to play bingo? I was at bingo one night and I saw some as young as 6 years old. Isn't this against the law?"

"I find that instead of my water softener going through now three times a week, to save water, I have cut it down to two times a week. With the water that we conserve here, I find that we still have enough soft water. It takes from 40 to 50 gallons of water to flush out your system. So there is 40 to 50 gallons of water that is saved each week."

"I saw in Monday's Mail Call a lady said her family is taking showers a new way since the drought. She said that they get wet, turn off the water, lather up and do their bathing and then rinse off. She also said that they plug the bottom of their tub, collect the water from the showers and use that to flush the toilet with. I have now tried to do that at my house. I also have another tip. I went and bought a dishpan that fits my sink perfect. Instead of letting the water go down my drain, I use the dishwater to water my outside plants. A little soap doesn't hurt the plants. As long as you don't have bleach in it, ladies, it won't hurt the plants."

"To the people in the North End about the doggy doo. It is not only inconsiderate, but it is also a crime, punishable by a $10 fine, by the city ordinance law. Catch them, turn them in and make them pay the fine."

"To the Chief of Police: I would like to know why your officers are allowed to ride their bikes on a public sidewalk? But yet a normal citizen is not allowed. You are breaking the law. What is good for one is good for all. Why don't you take this into consideration, Mr. Smith."

"The police are very visible when we get out of The Maryland Theatre. You can see them everywhere, they usually stay until the people are out of the theater. I don't think our police get enough credit. They are patrolling the areas that people say they don't. They are doing a great job."

"I hope when Washington County gets a new hospital, I hope they get better food and care then what they have now."

"I recently went to a church celebration, they were celebrating their opening of their new sanctuary. I was appalled by one of their tactics they use for collecting money. They did it like it was an auction. They started at $100, down to $50 and then they walked through the audience. Can someone give me any information about the Biblical, if this is one of the procedures that they always do at this church? Let me know, because I won't be going back there again."

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