Mail Call for 3/14

March 14, 2002

"Here we go again with Sharpsburg. I got a real good chuckle out of some lady on Tuesday who said she is a resident and has lived there all her life and she can't say that we are complainers. Then she goes on to complain about a lot of people coming in from out of town, trying to take over and run the place, that is the whole problem, outsiders. Now if that isn't complaining, I would like to know what is."

"To the lady in Sharpsburg who passed me going at least 65 in a 50 mile speed zone and then had the nerve to curse at me, I think something is wrong with someone like that. I was driving at least 55 in a 50 mile zone. I can see her mouth going while she was passing me."

"I want to give a thumbs up to the Hagerstown Parks Board for being ahead of the curve. To help with the water shortage, the parks board has discontinued filling the ball washers at Municipal Golf Course. This should save at least three or four gallons of water per month."


"Paul Crampton wants to put in a housing development out at Marsh Pike. Just remember this is the same Paul Crampton that voted against Wal-Mart. He didn't want anything in his little town of Funkstown."

"To the person complaining about Hagerstown Community College Men's Basketball. Why are you complaining about them being out of towners, it's a college. Kids go to different colleges in different states."

"Why is everyone still complaining about the man who parked the tractor trailer in his front yard. It is his yard, he owns it, he can put what he wants on it."

"In response to the sterilization of deadbeat fathers and mothers. I believe that women on welfare should only be allowed to have two children, only be on welfare for five years and when the child turns five all welfare should stop for these mothers."

"I am trying to reach someone in the West End Little League. My son is very interested in playing, he is getting ready to turn 6 years old. He is very interested. I was sick the week they had the sign- ups and I have been unable to reach someone. Call me at 240-420-3553."

"To everyone that reads that NASCAR page. I used to run to my mailbox on Saturdays to get the NASCAR This Week page that was always in the paper, but has been discontinued with the local writers writing it. They are missing, Who's Hot, Who's Not, Trivia Question's, Driver Profiles and the Question and Answer column. Please return to the NASCAR This Week page that was in there. We liked it a lot."

"Concerning the proposed development on Marsh Pike: There is enough development in this town, we don't need anymore."

"I see we are going after the tobacco growers again. I think it's about time that they do something about the alcohol. There are a lot of people killed in accidents because of drunken drivers. Why do the politicians pick on the tobacco growers? Why don't they go after the alcohol sellers? I guess they all love alcohol."

- Boonsboro

"I am an unwed and single mother of one child. I am not on welfare. I take care of my child. I only work part time, but I make good money, probably more than some of you complainers. I love my son and I take care of him, probably better than some of you who are getting all the free rides from welfare."

"In reference to Fort Frederick State Park in Big Pool. I went there Sunday just to walk through the park and use the C&O Canal. I noticed that they don't open up until 10 a.m. Why don't they open it up early like they used to. Some people would like to use it earlier than 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings."

"To the man who wanted to get through Prisoner Zelda and the mountain cave and desert. Forget about getting through those places pal, you need to get out of your house."

"For the residents of Washington County, the commissioners, the mayor and council: With all these developments going on around this county, it is too much on our water resources."

"For the man that lives on College Road that has two dogs. I think you should pay more attention to your dogs rather than your motorcycle or cars."

"In response to the person who said that someone who has two kids and are not married, that they should be sterilized. Well I am a mother, I have two kids and I am not married. I take care of my kids, I even pay child support for one of them."

"My car broke down on Wilson Boulevard, my mother and I were on the way to the doctor, she is 84. People were going by us saying some awful things and swearing. A man in a silver truck was swearing and made a hand gesture to us. People can be so hateful. If people had God in their hearts, they would not be so hateful. To the man in the silver truck, you know who you are, I feel sorry for you. Thank God for one lady who stopped to help us, she was a blessing."

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