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Letters to the Editor 3/14

March 13, 2002

Manhole causes a bumpy ride

To the editor:

Thump. Bump. Thump. Bump. Thump. Bump. After hearing that sound may times - from my vehicle, and those following me - one morning in late September I called the water and sewer department of Washington County about a greatly recessed manhole on Pennsylvania Avenue.

After several calls someone eventually came out to look at the problem. They even contacted my office and left word that repairs would be made. As of this date - Feb. 4 - it's still the same Thump. Bump. Thump. Bump.

Having talked to the department manager in late November, I was assured the problem would be fixed. Seems they needed to order a special riser.


I call more than four weeks ago, spoke to a very nice sounding woman on the phone, and was assured I would be called and told as to when the manhole problem would be fixed.

Still in the north-bound lane of U.S. 11, at Fountainhead Plaza, as I pass the office of F & M Bank, I still am greeted by that familiar Thump. Bump. Thump. Bump.

Why would a manhole be placed right in the line of travel in the first place? A foot or two to the right or left would have saved all this trouble.

Is someone still trying to invent the riser that is needed to fix this?

If there are others who are tired of the Thump. Bump. Thump. Bump., try calling the Washington County Water and Sewer Department at 301-791-3083. Maybe if they get enough calls something will be done to fix the manhole.

Wade G. Burkholder, Chambersburg, Pa.

The people make poor examples

To the editor:

I want to reply with a quiet answer to William E. Pigg of Hagerstown.

Professing Christians never profess to be perfect or without sin, they only know in their hearts that Jesus is their perfect peace and their "only" judge. Mr. Pigg, never keep your eyes focused on people, they will let you down every time, but keep your eyes on God. He will never let you down.

And Mr. Pigg, if you want to quote the Bible, please quote the whole truth, God never said we would not suffer for our faith, he only said to trust him to work "all" things together for our good in the end.

You see my friend (Ann B. Ryder) died of leukemia several months ago. She never feared death, because you see, she always told me she would win either way. Either she got her healing here on this earth, so that she could be with her family or she walked into the holy presence of a real God.

The one that created her and carried her, one that build true character in her, one God whose light shown through her and her children, you see if you want to believe you were put on this earth just to live until you die, you are the one who has vague interpretations and logic, not us.

You see I don't just read the word of God, I sit in the presence of a real God that loves me and who loves you more than anything.

Now maybe you haven't seen miracles or healings in your life because you never looked. Sit beside my now 11-year-old son, who at the time was 7 who asked Jesus to remove a large tumor-like knot in his belly button only to find out 45 minutes later (before surgery) it was gone. That's the faith of a little child, that mustard seed faith you were talking about.

I'm going to pray that you come to know the God who spoke those words that "you" quoted. You will be surprised to find out how much he loves you. What have you got to lose? From your own words, nothing.

Debbie Benner, Maugansville

Heaven for climate, hell for the company

To the editor:

What an arrogant piece of mail! The Reverend Cote (Sunday Feb. 24) forgets that Jesus was born a Jew, raised as a Jew and lived as a Jew. When "He went into the synagogue and stood up to read," he was reading from the Hebrew text, and the Last Supper was nothing but the Jewish Passover celebrating the flight from Egypt.

As a Jew, Jesus did not need a mediator to pray to God and this is still true of today's Jews. The fact that he had good press agents, his disciples, who started a movement called Christianity, writing some 40 years later what were supposed to be his words (do your remember exactly what you said last month?) does not make it the truth.

If he said "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", why does Paul send back the runaway slave Onesimus, knowing full well that the owner is legally obligated to kill the slave. Would Paul want the slave to do the same unto him?

If Heaven is ruled "by one true perfect God that manifests his perfections - love and holiness," the reverend's words, why in Isaiah 23, in a prophecy regarding Babylon, are its inhabitants' "infants to be dashed to pieces before their eyes . . . and their wives ravished" and what perfect God would declare in Deuteronomy 22:23-24 that "if a woman betrothed to a man is raped in the city, both she and her rapist are to be stoned to death."

If Jesus can "cast seven demons" out of Mary Magdelene and thus forgive her, can the Reverend deny the same tolerance to a fallen woman?

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