March 13 Williamsport Town Council briefs

March 13, 2002|BY ANDREA ROWLAND

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to offer a $500 reward to anyone who reports vandals - if the vandals are then convicted for destroying property in the town.

Malicious destruction of property has been rampant in Williamsport and surrounding areas, Mayor John W. Slayman said.

At least one person shot the windows out of Slayman's and other people's vehicles, he said. His truck was targeted four times while it was parked in front of his home, Slayman said. The windows have been shot out of several area businesses and residents have reported thefts from their vehicles.

Williamsport businessman James Jewell suggested increased police activity in the town.

"Maybe we ought to look at more foot patrols and K-9 patrols before we offer a reward," Jewell told the mayor and Town Council at Monday night's meeting.

Slayman said he would speak to the two deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department who patrol Williamsport.


Pa. company hired to find water leak source

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to hire a company to pinpoint the source of water leaks in the town.

The town is losing about 800 to 900 gallons of water each month, which is a relatively small loss compared to the amount of water the town buys from the City of Hagerstown, Councilman James Kalbfleisch said.

Fluid Conservation Technologies Inc. of Lebanon, Pa., will find the source or sources of the loss and other potential problem areas within two days at a cost of no more than $1,700, Kalbfleisch said.

"It could stem off some major problems later," he said.

Council members also decided against cleaning the water tower now due to the drought.

"I can't justify draining 300,000 gallons of water right now," Kalbfleisch said.

Cell phone antennas not allowed on tower

Cellular phone companies will not be allowed to place antennas atop Williamsport's water tower, as had been considered, Councilman James Kalbfleisch said Monday.

In addition to the antennas, the cellular phone service would require fenced areas near the tower for power supplies and switching stations, Kalbfleisch said.

There is not enough room for such equipment, he said.

Spring cleanup slated for April 22 to 26

The annual spring cleanup in Williamsport will be April 22 to 26. Town residents can dispose of bulk trash items, excluding hazardous materials.

A map outlining the collection route will be included in the April town newsletter, Town Clerk Donna K. Spickler said.

The town will collect bulk trash and recyclable items from sector one on April 22; from sector two on April 23; from sector three on April 24; and from sector four on April 25. The final day will be used to collect items missed on the previous pickup days.

Girl Scout Week honors 90 years

Williamsport Mayor John W. Slayman on Monday proclaimed March 10 to 16 Girl Scout Week in honor of the organization's 90th anniversary this month.

About 50 million girls have enjoyed the many benefits of Scouting since Juliet Lowe launched the organization in Georgia on March 12, 1912, Slayman said.

He will read the proclamation to the Williamsport Girl Scout troop tonight at Zion Lutheran Church.

February vouchers total $172,500

The Williamsport Town Council on Monday voted to pay the town's bills.

February vouchers tallied about $172,500, according to the town's financial report for the month.

The balance of the town's general fund checking account through February was about $21,900, and the balance of the money market fund was about $255,327, according to the report.

The report also took into account a CD valued at $22,502.64.

- Andrea Brown-Hurley

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