Fourteen Food Lion employees will share lottery jackpot

March 12, 2002|BY STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Fourteen employees of a Chambersburg grocery store held the only winning ticket in Saturday's Super 6 Lotto and will split a $30 million jackpot.

A manager at the Chambersburg Food Lion at 4120 Philadelphia Ave. confirmed that about 14 employees won the top prize in Saturday's drawing but declined to provide further information.

"They are delighted with the winnings of the lottery but have requested their privacy be protected and wish not to be interviewed at this time," she said.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Lottery said there was only one winning ticket.

"We can't give information other than the prize has been claimed," said Sally Danyluk, director of public relations. "We need to validate the ticket before we move forward and say we have a winner."


Tests determining the ticket's authenticity will take a week to 10 days to complete, she said.

Danyluk said the winner presented the ticket at the lottery's headquarters in Middletown, Pa., Monday morning.

The winning numbers in Saturday's 7 p.m. drawing were: 05, 25, 33, 46, 59, 66.

One ticket matched all six numbers and will receive $30,018,867.50, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery's Web site.

Another 74 players who matched five of six numbers will each receive $4,954, the 6,078 players who matched four numbers will receive $56.50 and 170,593 players that matched three numbers will get $2 each.

The drawing was billed as having a $60 million annuity value. Players had the option of taking 26 annuity payments or collecting a one-time cash payout equal to the cost of purchasing the annuity.

To play Super 6, players select six numbers from a field from 1 to 69. Players must match all six numbers with those drawn to win the jackpot prize.

The odds of winning the top prize this weekend were 1 in 39.9 million, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Super 6 Lotto always begins with at least $3 million in the jackpot, and grows until somebody wins.

The Pennsylvania Lottery was established in 1971, and proceeds were initially targeted to provide property tax relief for senior citizens in the commonwealth.

Since then, programs have expanded to include rent rebates, administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and free and reduced-fare transit for older Pennsylvanians and reduced vehicle registration fees, programs administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Pennsylvania Lottery remains the only state lottery that designates its proceeds to benefit older citizens exclusively.

All players must be 18 years of age or older.

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