Tip jar profits on the rise

March 04, 2002|BY SCOTT BUTKI
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It would not surprise him if gambling on slot machines and thoroughbreds cuts into tip jar sales, he said.

"Any discretionary income spent on gambling, whether instant lottery, tracks or tip jars - they all have an effect on each other," Buchanan said.

While total tip jar sales in clubs are down, nine of the places that sold the most tip jars in Washington County 2001 are clubs.

A comparison between proceeds in fiscal 2001 and fiscal 1997 shows that eight of the 10 biggest tip jar sellers in 1997 - all clubs - also are on the Top 10 list for fiscal 2001.


The biggest tip jar seller in fiscal 2000 and in 2001 was the Williamsport Red Men. The club sold 9,377 tip jars in 2000 and 8,973 in 2001. It made proceeds of about $1.2 million both years.

Both tip jar sales and revenues increased in fiscal 2001 for fire and rescue companies.

The Volunteer Fire Co. of Halfway sold the most tip jars among the companies and was the fourth-biggest tip jar seller in the county for fiscal 2001.

That may be because the company has bingo four nights a week, which is more than other companies, said Jeff Ringer, company chief. Tip jars are sold during bingo, he said.

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