Mail Call for 2/27

February 28, 2002

"To the person who was looking for the family that used to live in the Lakeside mobile home park, if you would leave your name and phone number in Mail Call, someone may get back with you. Thank you."

"On Sunday, Feb. 24, there was an article tucked away on page A4 telling us that lawmakers warm to stadium plans. It says that lawmakers have been impressed with Hagerstown Suns owner Andrew Rayburn. So am I. He just paid a $15 million settlement to his ex-wife and is not overly upset about the millions he lost to stockbrokers, but expects us, our tax money to pay for his stadium. I am 67 years old and working, so I can pay the taxes on my home. The stadium issue should go to referendum. If we need a facility for other events, we already have Fairgrounds Park."

"For the person who wants to know how to make potato candy. First take peeled potatoes and put it on the stove until it is soft, drain it, put it in a bowl, mash it up with a fork, then put powdered sugar, stir it in, it takes a lot of it, keep putting it in until it forms a hard ball, then roll it out on the table, using powdered sugar every now and then, put peanut butter on it, roll it up into a ball form, cut it into slices and put it in the fridge for a few minutes until it hardens. Let me know how it turned out. This is from the potato candy lady."


- Hagerstown

"I am an elderly lady and I don't do canning anymore, I was wondering if anyone wanted any quart jars for free. Put your name and number in the paper and I will get back with you."

"I thought they had a shortage of water? Well, I went past a car wash and saw a lot of people washing their cars. Don't you think this should be for everyone? I think it shouldn't be allowed at this time."

"To the person calling looking for the 'Burning Bed' movie. It's at Blockbuster Video, in the drama section, you can rent it."

"I am a frequent driver on West Franklin and the people who patronize the post office, jump in and out of traffic like it is a trafficless street. Franklin Street is a main street to this city and has heavy traffic during certain hours of the day. Please do yourself and others a favor, check for traffic flow before you enter or exit your vehicle. A car doesn't have to be going very fast to knock someone into the path of another vehicle or to take the door off your car."

"I sure hope that this new Giant Eagle grocery store that just came to town will be friendlier than the old store that used to be there. There will be a lot of smiling employees if it is."

"I have lived in Hagerstown for a short period of time and I heard people complaining about the downtown area being unsafe and nothing to do. I have been to a club downtown on several occasions and I haven't been mugged yet. Maybe it's just not my turn, or maybe it's just people over reacting. I guess the conclusion I came to is that the people of Hagers-town just enjoy complaining, just for the sake of complaining."

"It was a nice article on the coverage of the Hagerstown Speedway on Sunday, but how about some results? We would like to know who wins the races, not just what the track is all about."

"To the person complaining in Monday's Mail Call about how the 1947 eighth grade class of Smithsburg High School and how you could tell the boys from the girls. Of course you can, it was 1947, why don't you wake up and realize that it is 2002."

"About the article about taking the trucks off the road. How about taking half a billion cars off the road and then there would be less targets for those trucks to kill people. Who do they think brought the roads, the road fairy?"

"I have read so much about the name Warriors being used by the Boonsboro High School. According to Webster's Dictionary, the following is their definition of a Warrior. First, a man engaged or experienced in warfare, a soldier, second, a person who has shown great courage or aggressiveness. I don't read anything stating it is an exclusive name of an American Indian. Now for the picture, change the Indian face and war bonnet for the head of a Roman gladiator, a Navy Seal, Ranger or Green Beret and you would still have the Boonsboro Warriors."

"This is for the Mail Caller who was upset about putting tracks in for trucks. These trucks haul our food, clothes or anything you want. If it wouldn't be for the four wheelers, people wouldn't be getting killed. They drive awful. People should show truck drivers respect and stop putting them down."

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