United Way just short of goal

February 28, 2002|BY STACEY DANZUSO

United Way of Franklin County narrowly missed its fund-raising goal this year, but campaign officials say they never expected to come so close.

"In October I was hopeful for 60 percent of the goal," Campaign Chairman Edwin Sponsellor said Wednesday after the agency closed the campaign at its annual meeting. "I never dreamed we would get this close."

United Way raised $732,978 of its $745,000 goal, which means the two dozen Franklin County human service programs supported by the United Way will receive about 98.5 percent of their anticipated funding, Executive Director Cynthia Hawbaker said.

United Way agencies include the Chambersburg and Waynesboro, Pa., YMCAs, Lutheran Home Care Services, Women in Need and the Salvation Army.


The United Way kicked off its campaign in late September, a time when local industries were laying off hundreds of workers and those who could were donating money to Sept. 11 disaster funds.

"At the time, both our local and national economies were going south, and we were just starting to feel the effects of Sept. 11," Sponsellor said.

For those reasons, Sponsellor said, he believes the campaign was more successful than any other charitable campaign with which he has been involved, even though it missed the goal by $12,022.

"I'll put up the $22. I challenge some of you heavy-hitters and the community to raise the rest," he said.

Sponsellor had promised to run a marathon if the campaign was a success.

"As far as I'm concerned, it was a successful campaign, and I said if it was a successful campaign I would put out my energy and effort to run a marathon," he said.

Also Wednesday, retiring United Way board members John Massimlla and Elizabeth Eberts were recognized for their service, and the following were elected for new or repeat board terms: Denis Diloreto, Charles W. Frame, Mary Ellen Hess, Mike Hockenberry, the Rev. Stephen Hoffman, Donald McBride and Marva Purvis.

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