Suns ask for public views on bin Laden promotion

February 28, 2002|BY SCOTT BUTKI

The Hagerstown Suns baseball team is considering holding an "Osama bin Laden bobblehead giveaway night" during a baseball game this season, General Manager Kurt Landes said Wednesday.

Landes said he wants to determine the extent of public support and interest before deciding whether to schedule the event.

If the bin Laden event is held, fans would have a chance to line up and destroy the bobblehead dolls, which have heads that bounce and wiggle on springs.

To help team officials gauge the degree of interest in the event, the Suns Web site since last week has asked visitors: What do you think of the Suns doing an Osama bin Laden bobblehead giveaway night?

Respondents could vote for one of three options.

As of 11 p.m. Wednesday, 117 people had voted, according to the Web site, which listed the votes as:

- "Way out of line": 66.67 percent.

- "Great, if I can destroy it at the game": 19.66 percent.


- "Great idea, I love it": 13.68 percent.

The question will remain on the site as long as there is interest, Landes said.

The idea of taking Internet polls is to ask questions - sometimes serious, sometimes light - that keep people returning to the page, he said. The bobblehead doll question is a little of both, he said.

One of the team's goals this year is to increase game attendance. Landes has been coming up with ideas for promotions intended to draw people to Municipal Stadium to see the Class A San Francisco Giants affiliate play.

The idea of the bobblehead promotion is a unique tie-in of a game promotion and current events, Landes said.

He said he was aware that not every promotional idea may be appropriate.

"Maybe sometimes we go over the line," he said.

Landes said he had heard no complaints about the question or the idea of an event centering around bin Laden bobblehead dolls.

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