Letters to the Editor 2/28

February 28, 2002

Don't think School Board won't cave in

To the editor:

The citizens of Washington County should be forewarned that our school board may very well submit to the politically correct pressure of Montgomery Countian Richard Regan and abolish "Warriors" as the nickname of Boonsboro High School.

After all, this bunch refuses to allow re-enactors to bring historic firearms onto school property (although they will send children by the busloads to view local Civil War re-enactments), and they have vandalized the Clear Spring Trailblazer by removing his rifle from his hands. Be further warned that this will be only the beginning: "Wildcats," "Leopards," and "Cougars" will all have to go, as using animals as mascots may well offend the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Of course, that Trailblazer in Clear Spring will have to walk off into the sunset, because, after all, he blazed a trail at the expense of the Indians who lived there. South High will have to retire "Rebels" for its Confederate connotations.


Regan's idea represents what is wrong with "multiculturalism." It is diversity that makes the whole of America stronger and to separate ourselves and our heritage from one another is cultural homicide. The nickname "Warriors" has been used in a most positive way, to remind the students of Boonsboro High of all that is good and noble about those Indians, who adhered to the way of the warrior. What if someone argued that "Warrior" should not be the nickname because American Indians were typically a warring people, who often treated women as second class citizens and that therefore, and Indian mascot was an inferior symbol for an enlightened people? Would Mr. Regan take offense at that?

When many streams flow in the same direction to a central point, a mighty river is produced. Such is America; a single, mighty river with many divergent waters flowing through her, yet, ultimately, a single river nevertheless. If we dam the many streams and refuse to allow them to converge, we will be left culturally high and dry. The drought, thanks to people such as Regan, has already begun. The beauty of America is that we can admire the qualities of Robert E. Lee and Harriet Tubman; of Daniel Boone and Pontiac; of 7th cavalrymen and Sioux warriors, because they are all Americans.

For Regan to label Washington County as "the poster child for racism" is so vile and so outrageous an accusation that we can only hope our school board does the right thing and refuses this person a hearing.

Austin Gisriel


Name beef is getting old

To the editor:

I am part Cherokee Indian. I have two children who played on Boonsboro Warrior teams, and graduated from Boonsboro High School, and another who will graduate this year.

I strongly disagree with the man from Kensington, who wants to change the Warrior name. I am quite proud that Boonsboro High school has chosen to honor my people with the name Warriors.

If this man wants to help our people, he should spend his time and effort helping to create jobs and better educational facilities on reservations, and educate people about the Native American way of life. And please sir, stop whining. I'm tired of hearing it.

Bill Bradley


For love or money?

To the editor:

Recently you published an article about a California woman who wanted $320,000 a month from her ex-husband to support their 3-year-old daughter.

Even though California law allows it, I believe it excessive and unreasonable to spend $3.84 million a year on a 3-year-old child.

The child would probably be better off being loved than compensated.

Michael Goodrich

Shepherdstown, W.Va.

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