Mail Call for 2/20

February 27, 2002

Editor's note - The Daily Mail will not run birthdays and anniversaries anymore in Mail Call. However, if you would like to get a birthday or an anniversary in the paper, we do put those on the front page. We ask readers to submit those two weeks in advance. You can mail them to Milestones, The Daily Mail, Box 439, Hagers-town, MD 21742, fax them to 301-714-0245 or e-mail them to

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"Thanks a lot to the Maryland State Police for hanging up the phone on me while I was going westbound on Interstate 70 and some nut was weaving in and out of traffic very erratically. He almost flipped my car. People were driving up beside me to see if I was OK. I called 911 and they transferred me to the Maryland State Police. They basically hung up on me. I will never ever donate money to them when they call me on the phone again."


"I have a free computer for any nonprofit organization. Call Mail Call and leave your name and number and I will get back in touch with you. Thank you."

"I just read in the paper about these people from Boonsboro who were disappointed in some kind of ruling or something stating that they couldn't trap animals with traps. The ones that holds the animals by its legs and then it dies. I think these people should be put in a trap by their leg and left to die. These people have no regard for any kind of animal or the way that they feel. I think these people are sick and disgusting."

"This goes out to everybody. Do you know what the big fat total truth is? If it weren't for the NASCARofficials and governing body taking away things, Jeff Gordon would dominate, win almost every race and definitely win every championship. Come on, that stuff with Sterling at Daytona. Get real, what a loser. Jeff Gordon is going to win his fifth title and there is nothing you crybabies can do about it."

"Where did the people in Hagers-town get their driving lessons? I was always instructed that you stop behind the white line at a traffic light. Today at Antietam and Cleveland, all of the cars that were turning left off of Antietam, were almost out in the intersection. Then there were cars blowing the horn because a car almost hit them. Excuse me! Also, where are the crosswalks for that area? They tell the pedestrians to cross on the crosswalks, but if they don't have any painted there, then how do you know if you are in the right or not? Someone needs to check into this."

"I read in Monday's Mail Call where someone wanted to know what the superintendent of the School Board does to deserve $120,000 a year. That is not all they deserve, what about the car deal? I figure they have to show up for work and burden the taxpayers with more bills, such as hiring 10 more teachers and raising everyone's salaries. She knows where she is going to place four of the new teachers, I never heard of such a place. That leaves six. Maybe she could create another new place for them. I hope she is the last of the big spenders."

"About the Mail Call in Feb. 18 paper where this person witnessed children sitting in a car on a very cold Saturday evening in a bar parking lot. Well, if you saw these children sitting in that car alone, why didn't you call the police? If I see kids sitting in a car alone for five minutes, I would call the police."

"I am a parent of a student at Paramount Elementary School. I eat lunch there almost every week with my child. These lunch aides that work there have their hands full. In response to the Mail Call about these schools having nasty lunch aides and that the principal should watch them. These ladies follow the rules given by the principal. Maybe the person that called this in should come in and work a day and see how they would handle the school students. Some of these students come to the school without no principles and very little respect. These ladies do a wonderful job. I eat lunch there at least once a week with my students. I know."

"Hey Tim, where do the swans work?"

"Do you know what really cooks my goat? When you listen to the local news, they give you part of the story and if you want to hear the rest of it, you have to log onto the computer to hear it or they have a poll for you to answer a question and you log in again. How is a poor person supposed to log in if they can't even afford a computer? I think they should have a phone number where you can call in. I think that is discrimination."

"In regards to the person who said about the city's Christmas decorations that are still up on the poles. Coming in off the Dual at the Dual and Franklin Street, all the way up Franklin they still have the Christmas flags up. When are they going to take them down? Easter?"

"Does anyone have any fencing that anyone wants to get rid of? I would like to have it for free if possible. Call Mail Call and leave your name and number, I will call you."

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