Mail Call for 2/21

February 27, 2002

Editor's note - The Daily Mail will not run birthdays and anniversaries anymore in Mail Call. However, if you would like to get a birthday or an anniversary in the paper, we do put those on the front page. We ask readers to submit those two weeks in advance. You can mail them to Milestones, The Daily Mail, Box 439, Hagers-town, MD 21742, fax them to 301-714-0245 or e-mail them to

For birthdays, we ask that you include the date, name, address and age. For anniversaries, we need the date, names, address and years married.

"I'd like to know why my tax bill always goes up in Hagerstown, but my neighbor who lives in town can drive a county vehicle home for lunch every day and parks behind his house so nobody sees him. I'm tired of it and maybe his boss could pay my tax bill if the county has so much money to waste on all those personal vehicles."


"This is to the person in the Feb. 18 Mail Call that had their great-grandson's bicycle stolen in the Williamsport area. If you would call Jeff at Williamsport City Hall at 301-223-7711 I think he might have found your bike. We just don't know who it belongs to. It's a yellow Huffy bike."

"I would like to know if anyone has found a Maryland license plate number 439-AGI. If you find it, please call 301-223-7186."

"Who collects cards locally here in this area? I want to send them to someone here in this area locally. My number is 301-790-2556."

"I would like for someone who does crafts to tell me what kind of glue they use to hold wood together that is set outside. I've tried regular wood glue and it just falls apart. Could someone tell me what kind of glue to buy to hold up in the cold weather and wind?"

"I agree with the lady that called in and said that she was having a problem collecting child support because they couldn't locate the father. They didn't know where he lived. People don't just drop off the face of the earth, and I've had the same problem with my ex-daughter-in-law, who lived within three miles of the Maryland state line. They couldn't collect child support for her because it had to be an inter-state claim. Now she's moved 15 states away and we still haven't gotten any child support. They need to redo the Social Services office that does child support and make them do their job."

"I have a message for all the senior citizens who may be bored this time of the month when it may be dreary. Just sitting at my window today from 4 to 5 p.m., listening to WJEJ, Jim Titus has all the '50s music - Patti Page, 'Old Cape Cod' - you just feel so relaxed. Thank you, Jim Titus and WJEJ."

"I was calling in regard to the lady that has two single kids that she hasn't got any child support for 11 years. My daughter is now 7, and I finally got child support. I went through the mayor. So, find out who the mayor is, or Don Munson, give him a call. He may be able to help you get your child support."

"Reading Mail Call, I agree with the person who was talking about the West Virginia and Pennsylvania people coming over here to work. I don't mind them coming over to work as long as they don't work in city, county and state jobs, and then complain about the pay or complain about the state. I think they should go back to their own state to work and live."

"They're saying we're having a water shortage, but I don't understand how we can be having a water shortage if 75 percent of the world is water. Somebody, please explain this to me. Peace."

"My son has dyslexia among some other problems, and I would be very interested in getting the computer that was advertised in the paper for free. If you would leave your number, I would call you. I might even be able to come up with a small amount of money for the computer. I was hoping that a computer would help him with his dyslexia."

"I'm calling in reference to the mother who's asking for assistance with child support enforcement. If she will call me at 301-930-0086, I can help her with that."

"This is in regards to the individual talking about the illegal parking at Winter Street Elementary School. I would like this individual to explain to the other parents and individuals whose kids go to that school where they are to park when they pick up their kids. Are they supposed to park on top of the roof or something? If she or he has a better idea, then bring it on. It would be nice if you would put this in Mail Call. Every time I call in, you never put anything in."

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