Employees question teeth of residency rule

February 27, 2002|BY STACEY DANZUSO

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Some borough workers are questioning the enforcement of Chambersburg's residency requirement for its employees, saying not everyone is obeying the policy.

All Chambersburg Borough employees must move to the borough within one year of being hired. This is the second time in six months that the residency issue, which some borough council members have previously said limits the pool of qualified applicants, has come up.

"I had to move, and I did it," said Rob Roberts, one of two gas department employees who addressed the Borough Council at Tuesday's meeting. "Chambersburg is a great place to work. But a couple of individuals are pushing the envelope."

He said at least three borough employees who were granted six-month extensions to the time limit still have not moved into the borough.


Those employees were not identified, and Borough Manager Eric Oyer did not confirm if they were the same employees the borough is investigating.

"In a couple of situations where there is a question of compliance, we are investigating," he said.

Borough Solicitor Tom Finucane said the residency requirement is an established policy that all potential employees are made aware of before they are hired.

Council members did not make any decision to further discuss the residency requirement, although they have said in the past they might re-address the policy.

In September, Councilman Scott Thomas' motion to eliminate the residency requirement was tabled for a future meeting, but it has never been brought back before council.

Thomas' motion came after a borough police officer resigned because of the residency requirement.

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