Snook says county workers will get raises

February 27, 2002|BY SCOTT BUTKI

Washington County Human Resources Director Alan Davis on Tuesday asked the County Commissioners to give raises of at least 3 percent to all county employees, and to consider increasing their pay by as much as 5 percent or 6 percent.

The commissioners took no action on the matter.

After the meeting, Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook said county employees will get raises, but the size of the raises hasn't been determined.

A 3 percent raise for all county employees would cost the county an additional $713,916, while a 5 percent raise would cost the county about $1.2 million, Davis said. A 6 percent raise would cost about $1.4 million, he said.

Any raises would be effective July 1, the start of the 2003 fiscal year.

The commissioners in July 2000 approved a three-year contract for the county's 90 union members which includes a 3 percent raise in each year of the agreement.


Nonunion county employees also should get raises of at least 3 percent this year, Davis said.

A 3 percent pay hike would work out to an average of about $22.25 more a week for a county full-time employee. A 6 percent hike would work out to about $44.52 more a week, Davis said.

One of the county's goals for 2002 is to update its Employment Classification and Compensation Plan. The plan is used to determine, based on each employee's responsibilities, whether the employee's salary is appropriate.

That examination probably will result in a proposal to increase some salaries, Davis said.

It would make sense to give all employees pay increases of about 5 percent or 6 percent now, Davis said. But he said he realizes the county might not be able to afford such raises this year.

The county has 617 full-time employees and 266 part-time employees, Davis said. There are 883 total employees, up from 881 last year.

All employees received a 3 percent raise for the current fiscal year.

Last fiscal year, uniformed employees assigned to the patrol and judicial divisions of the Sheriff's Department received about an 8 percent pay increase, according to county documents.

All other employees, including those working at the Washington County Detention Center, received a 3 percent raise.

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