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Letters to the Editor 2/20

February 20, 2002

Letters to the Editor 2/20

Mandi was a gift from heaven

To the editor:

Our daughter, Amanda "Mandi" Gregory was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in November 2000. Surgery was successful at John's Hopkins and she celebrated her 13th birthday at a swimming party on Jan. 14, 2001. She received follow-up treatments, but in August 2001, her MRI showed a recurrence which was inoperable.

Make-a-Wish Foundation granted her dream and prepared her a party on Oct. 26, 2001. On Nov. 1 we flew to Orlando, Fla. where Mandi lived her dream. She kissed and swam with the dolphins at Discovery Cove, went to Sea World and Animal Kingdom.

Mandi celebrated her 14th birthday on Jan. 14 and went peacefully to heaven on Jan. 18.

A angel on earth, her personality was described by many as a sweet girl with the beautiful smile. She worried more about others than herself. She loved gymnastics, collected dolphins and had much faith and love for God.


Special thanks to Dr. Barry Morrison for detecting the tumor, stat MRI, arranging everything at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Weingart, Dr. Duncan Stearns pediatric oncology and staff, Children's, D.C., Dr. Packer, Dr. Rood, Hagerstown Lab, St. James Brethren Church, Bethel Assembly, St. Luke's, Rosedale Funeral Home, Berkeley County Schools, Hospice of the Panhandle and everyone's prayers.

We thank God everyday for the time we were blessed with Mandi. The peacefulness and comfort he gave her. The strength and comfort he gave us. Mandi is tumor free, happy and we'll all be together again.

God bless you all.

Mary and Steve Hutzell
Anthony and Connie Gregory
Hedgesville, W.Va.

California DUI law is tipsy

To the editor:

While I have been unable to find comparable figures on drunk driving statutes in Maryland versus California, "different strokes for different folks" clearly applies in at least these two states.

Example: A 30-some female, single parent, raising two children, working as a hair dresser with clean driving record for more than 15 years, is arrested outside one of only a half-dozen bars in the community after a holiday party. Charge: DUI.

Penalties from two required court hearings include: 48 hours in county jail; some $1,400 fines that can be paid at $50 a month; must complete Level 1 DUI school (costs at least another $1,000, probably can be paid over time); mandatory AA meetings for one year. (Not needed, since she signed up day after her arrest); driver's license suspended for one year. (Can apply for 90-day restricted license after 30 days. If granted, will permit driving to work, AA meetings, and AA classes only.)

This is not list of cafeteria choices, but five penalties for a first offense that did not involve an accident or a moving violation! How do Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia compare?

As I said, I don't know if this works, but thought regional drivers might want to reconsider plans to move west, or perhaps vacation in California. Think what you'd get as an out-of-state visitor! Bet California gets all its federal highway bucks, though!

David Woods
Middleway, W.Va.

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