Letters to the Editor 2/19

February 20, 2002

Letters to the Editor 2/19

Health workers need pay raise

To the editor:

Joyce Bolyard became one of my in- home care providers, when I had a problem in getting someone in to do my training. The person who was doing it, through no fault of her own, had a problem and couldn't do it.

Bolyard was busy with her other work load, but she recognized how important my training is and offered her help. God has blessed me with some good in-home care providers and I'm very thankful. This is a good example of how caring these people are: Joyce wasn't going to take no for an answer. It wasn't one of those, "I feel sorry for you things;" she really wanted to help and she did.

Bolyard lives in Smithsburg and she drives to Hagerstown for "$5 an hour" under the Personal Care Program of the Health Department Of Washington County.


There was a letter in the newspaper that the Washington County Health Department recognized that these people need a raise and reimbursment for traveling to the clients' homes to provide care.

I'm sure that all of the other people who work under the health department, like the nurses, etc., and anyone who is working for government or state should get raises.

I know that for more than 20 years these home care providers have not had a raise. It's like they have been pushed into the background, and I believe it's time to bring them out. These home care providers have families, they care and they just may be the backbone of the health department.

It's not enough to recognize the situation, it's time to do something. I'd like to give a special thanks to Bolyard and all of the in-home care providers worldwide for your thoughtfulness, kindness, caring and love.

James H Twyman Jr.

Fight for Jesus

To the editor:

This is my confirmation of the letter published on Sunday, Jan. 20 by John Howard Sr. of Greencastle, Pa.

I agree 100 percent with his statement that, "If you people have chosen to live here and don't agree with the good old USA laws and beliefs you have the right to leave and no one will stop you."

That goes for the ACLU and its network of spies. They protect the rights of those who believe the way they do and as for the rest of us who believe differently, not even our government allows our rights.

Our country was established upon our faith in God (In God We Trust). Now we dare not mention his name or pray to him unless we hide in our homes or churches. This sounds like a communist country.

The government says "It is against the law" to:

Post in public or in schools, the Ten Commandments given to us by God.

Pray the Lord's Prayer that Jesus taught us in schools or in public places such as sports events.

Read God's word, the "Holy Bible" in schools.

What next? Will we be like Daniel and be arrested for praying at our window where people can see us?

Then the government leaders sing "God Bless America." How can he, when we won't allow him into the USA?

Come on Christian soldiers, let's take our rights back. Pray for our recovery to God.

Charles Newcomer

Support the track

To the editor:

Please do everything in your power to see that the Little Orleans race track is built. We horse players in Hagerstown need a place to wager a few buck in Maryland instead of going to West Virginia or Pennsylvania.

This economic development would be great for all of Western Maryland.

L.M. Watson

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