Man charged with high school break-in

February 20, 2002

Man charged with high school break-in

By RICHARD F. BELISLE / Staff Writer

GREENCASTLE, Pa. - Christopher Giannoumis, 18, of Greencastle was released from Franklin County Prison on $12,000 bond Friday after being charged with breaking into Greencastle-Antrim High School last May, according to court records in District Justice Shirley Shatzer's office.

Giannoumis was charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking and receiving stolen property. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Giannoumis Feb. 26, Shatzer said.

After police went to his home on one occasion in response to a complaint of loud music, Giannoumis, of 243 South Washington St., bragged to acquaintances that the music was being played on some of the equipment stolen in the high school break-in, court records said.

Included in the theft were a synthesizer, a video recorder, a laptop computer, cassette decks, microphones, transceivers, an equalizer, eight radios, two speakers and some cash and snacks from the snack room, court records said.


School administrators estimated the cost of the stolen items at more than $14,000, court records said.

Giannoumis was picked up at his home Thursday during a search by Greencastle Borough Police, according to court records.

Police confiscated some of the items that were taken from the school in the break-in, according to court records.

A bolt cutter was used to gain entry into the school building during the May break-in, court records said.

Police obtained the search warrant for Giannoumis' home after a local woman, who identified herself as a former girlfriend of the defendant's brother, told authorities that the home contained some items that had been stolen from the school, according to court records.

The witness told police that she had seen the items in the defendant's home Feb. 9, court records said.

According to court records, police also found some of the stolen items in a storage shed on Letzburg Road.

The witness told police that Giannoumis bragged about the break-in and was laughing at some of the things a teacher had saved on the laptop computer that was stolen.

Giannoumis used some of the equipment in a band that he played in, according to court records.

The witness told police that she remained quiet all this time because of her relationship with the defendant's brother.

Shatzer said Friday that Giannoumis had been charged with arson for setting fire to the roof of the school building on the night of July 15. Shatzer said the arson case against Giannoumis is still pending.

According to court records, Giannoumis said he was not trying to burn down the school. He said he was trying to gain entry into the building by burning the skylight, court records said.

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