Mail Call for 2/6

February 07, 2002

Mail Call for 2/6

"A great big thank you to the elderly gentleman who helped two young boys cross the street, Friday, Feb. 1, at Burhans Boulevard near County Market. A great big thank you for helping."

"I am confined to my home and I work puzzles. I have at least 12 2,000-piece puzzles, they are all there. Would anyone out there like to have them? All you have to do is come and get them. Call Tony in The Herald-Mail newsroom in the mornings at 301-791-7647 and he will give you the phone number to call."

"Does anyone know what happened to Buck's Pizza that was on Washington Street. Call Mail Call and let us know. They had excellent food and I ordered quite a few times. I called again the other day to order and their phones were disconnected. Let me know."

"I want to commend First Data Merchant Services for their flags that they have outside. But I would like to know why it took something like the 911 attack to get something like this? They are beautiful."


"This is the lady from the West End that called in about the wheelchair. I only had one call about it. I would like to know what I am supposed to do about this wheelchair that I found, since nobody is calling and claiming it? My number is 301-790-3533."

"Here we go again, people using Mail Call for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. That kind of stuff should be on the back of the paper. If you can't pay for it, call them or don't do it at all."

"My name is Laura. I am a student at an academy. I am conducting a community survey for an assignment. I need issues that are problems in our community, such as our downtown, where small businesses are being taking over by larger businesses, traffic or crime rate, etc. I need to know from our community what is our biggest issue. Thank you."

"About the Christmas decorations in Downsville. The yard is still filled with lighted Christmas decorations. It is two months later, please take them down. We would really appreciate it."

"You want to solve the overcrowding in the Williamsport schools. We don't need the redistricting panel. We need someone to come here in the mornings and watch all the children being dropped off from out-of-state, going to our schools. What is wrong with the elected officials? Can't our overpaid school board or superintendent look over this?"

"This message is for Sen. Don Munson. If a corporation is losing money and they made no profit, they don't give dividends to the shareholders. The state of Maryland has a deficit budget, so why should you get a pay raise? You knew what the job paid when you took it."

"To the person who called in about the deer being hit and how it turned out. It turned out into nice deer bologna sticks, the way they all should be."

"I have a tree up in my house, but that is my business, not anyone else's business. You don't have to look in my house to see it. Stop being nosy and stop looking in my windows."

"According to the dictionary, a synonym of to whine is, to complain. So whining is complaining and complaining is whining. Now will the person always complaining about people whining, please stop whining about callers complaining. I hope I am clear on this to satisfy all you complainers out there. If this call gives you a headache like I have now, please call in and whine about it."

- Hagerstown

"I just read Mail Call the other day. I saw that they are going to widen Maugans Avenue. Is this true? Who do I contact to find out? Leave a number."

"I am calling to wish Matt a happy birthday. From Katie M., Katie C., Ann and Ben."

"We want to wish our daughter Tina, a very happy 21st birthday. Love you very much, Mom, Dad and brother Max."

"Hey, Shirley, we found a decorated cane at the Washington County Free Library. Give us a call. This might be it."

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