Bowman ordered to move trailers

February 07, 2002

Bowman ordered to move trailers


WILLIAMSPORT - Washington County Permits and Inspections Director Paul Prodonovich on Wednesday ordered Bowman Sales & Equipment Inc. President Todd Bowman to move about 10 wheeled storage trailers it has parked, without proper permits, on adjacent property that is the site of a proposed truck stop.

The trailers are on the nine acres D.M. Bowman Inc. wants to use for a truck stop off Interstate 81 near the intersection of Md. 63 and Md. 68 south of Williamsport.

The proposed truck stop property off Spielman Road abuts 63 acres on which Bowman Sales and Equipment rents and sells storage containers and Bowman Development Corp. stores maintenance equipment. Donald Bowman, Todd's father, owns both companies.

The trailers were moved onto the property Tuesday afternoon. Eleven trailers were visible Wednesday.

A permit would be required to park the trailers there and there is no such permit, Prodonovich said.


He said he sent a letter Wednesday to Todd Bowman telling him to move the trailers.

Bowman has the option of appealing Prodonovich's order to the Washington County Board of Zoning Appeals within 30 days, Prodonovich said.

Prodonovich said he could fine Bowman up to $1,000 a day for the permit violation.

Bowman said he would read the letter and talk to Prodonovich before deciding whether he will move the trailers or appeal the decision.

Williamsport resident Toni Shrader on Monday alerted County Engineer Terry McGee, with whom she met earlier in the day to discuss issues related to the proposed truck stop, when she saw the storage trailers parked on the property, she said.

"I couldn't believe they would actually go and do this without permits," Shrader said.

Shrader and other Williamsport residents who are opposed to the truck stop discussed the issue Tuesday night during a joint meeting of the Williamsport Mayor and Town Council and Washington County Board of Commissioners.

"We're not anti-business," resident William Peters said. "But we have to abide by the laws and we think (Todd Bowman) should, too."

In an April 5, 2000, letter, Prodonovich cited Bowman Sales for more than 10 building and zoning violations. Bowman has worked with Prodonovich on fixing those problems.

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