Letters to the Editor 2/5

February 06, 2002

Letters to the Editor 2/5

At new YMCA, 'Y' stands for 'yuppies'

To the editor:

Can someone tell me who designed the parking lot at the new YMCA facility? Mickey Mouse, perhaps?

Both sets of parking spaces designated for disabled persons are just about as far from access to the front door as they could be. (One set is right in front of the child care center.) This is absolutely idiotic! There are many disabled persons (my husband, in particular) who would love to use the pool and other facilities, but I guess the Y is only designed for use by Yuppies.

Check out the Washington County Museum for intelligent help for the disabled...not only handicapped parking right in front of the door, but a beautifully designed ramp for the wheelchair bound.

Think you are never going to be disabled? Think again! Many times it happens overnight. Washington County contributed financially to the "Y" project. Doesn't anyone on the county commissioners understand the Americans With Disabilities Act? My husband and I are thoroughly disgusted.


Barb Pengelly

It takes one to know one

To the editor:

Mrs. Jacob's letter "Christians have skeletons too," (Jan. 10) is the typical example of secular rhetoric that spews hatred ... based on words taken out of context to present a false biased impression.

To set the record straight, my past writings include these statements: (1) not all professing Christians, are Christian. (2) Christianity does not give Christianity a bad name, people do: Be it false Christians, atheists or "other religions."

To know what a Christian is, how a Christian acts and what a Christian is to do, one has to be privy to the teachings of Jesus. The record does stand on professing atheists and other religions throughout history that have dwarfed any dastardly deeds any Christian hater can conjure up.

Of course, there are no bounds to their sins as they act like gods thinking they are supreme, i.e., Caesar, Herod, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Stalin, etc, etc. How interesting while quoting me there was no mention of abortion.

Wonder if the 40 million-plus aborted and partial birth murdered babies equates to atheist and "other religions'," compassion!

Do believe the preacher from Lynchburg included abortion along with disobedience to the laws of God which included atheists and gays? Let's forget about the blacks in Africa that sold their soul brothers to those slave traders. Lets forget about the "Christian" Abraham Lincoln, who took an unyielding stand that abolished slavery. Treatment of a people is not based on color as the Irish can attest.

The only way you can know a Christian is to know the Bible. The Bible separates the wheat from the chaff.

Everyone else is viewed on their own merits that abortion exemplifies and amplifies. Amen.

Phillip M. Snider
Martinsburg, W.Va.

In search of the ancient Marylanders

To the editor:

I need any information on the following persons - all from Maryland in the 1700s:

1. Joseph Buckley

2. Mary Buckley Gibbons-Alton, b. 1720, Maryland, d. 1803-1808 Fayette County, Pa.

3. Joseph Gibbons b. 1749, Maryland

4. Joseph Alton b. 1710 Winchester County, N.Y.

5. Benjamin Alton b. 1760, Maryland

6. Hannah Alton, Maryland, Deaver

7. Elizabeth Alton, Maryland, Roose

8. John Alton b. 1759, Maryland

9. Erasmus Joseph Alton b. 1769, Maryland, d. 1865, Fayette County, Pa.

Charlotte N. Ferguson
Shawnee, Okla.

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