Second verse, same as the first

February 06, 2002

Second verse, same as the first

1A/2A West Duals

Today: at Beall High School

Time: 5:30 semifinals, 7 final

Walkersville, North, Williamsport all get another shot on the mat tonight

Many questions will be answered tonight as North Hagerstown, Williamsport and Walkersville converge at Beall High School in the Class 1A/2A West Region dual meet championships.

First, who will win the North-Williamsport rematch in the semifinal round? Can Walkersville repeat its pasting of Beall last year in the semifinals? Will the survivor of the North-Williamsport match have anything left to take on the Walkersville-Beall winner?

The action begins at 5:30 p.m. with No. 2-seeded North and No. 3 Williamsport on one mat and No. 1 Beall and No. 4 Walkersville on another mat.


The winners will meet at 7:30. The 1A/2A West champ will advance to the state tournament on Saturday at Lansdowne High School in Baltimore.

North vs. Williamsport

"It (North rematch) really didn't matter to me," Williamsport coach Chuck Martin said. "I feel we're the team to beat. Unless some of our wrestlers aren't aggressive or do things they shouldn't do, we should be all right."

Martin said that, in years past, his Wildcats (12-2) haven't handled North well.

"We talked a little bit about emotions (Monday) in practice," he said. "There's a fine line between being pumped up and too fired up. North always seems to get up for us, hungry for us, wanting to beat us. I don't think there's anyone on the team that has ever beaten North. I think it's been a mental thing."

"Just because of the rivalry, it'll be more intense," North coach Greg Slick said. "We have a mutual admiration and respect that Chuck and I share and the kids share. Sure, they'll talk a lot of smack to each other, but I know we have a great deal of respect for what Williamsport has accomplished."

"In years past, we haven't had enough emotion for North," Martin said.

"We always seem to be just a little short. That's the difference between this team and our other teams. If someone loses, someone picks up for his right away." Martin has said time and again that this is his most talented team.

"We're down a heavyweight, and we have 12 starters," Martin said. "We have four guys on the bench who we're really confident in and I actually feel like we actually have 16 starters."

North (12-2) has also had some injuries this season losing four starters for considerable lengths of time, including two for the season.

"It hasn't helped us, certainly," Slick said. "But, I don't know if it's hurt us either. I used the Super Bowl as an example when I sat down with the boys (Monday). I told them how no one thought New England had a chance and they won. I told them they're sitting here as second seeds, but they could've just as easily been fourth seeds.

"We're just happy to get into the tournament," he said. "This is our fifth time. I just think of this a real neat concept."

As expected, Slick said he will not bump around too much Wednesday.

"I think Chuck has a few more moves than I do," Slick said. "I think if you bump a wrestler and it works, you look like a genius. If you bump and lose, then you're an idiot. I've made too many mistakes in my life to add that on."

Beall vs. Walkersville

The other semifinals is a rematch as well as Walkersville battered Beall, 46-29, last year in the 1A/2A West semis.

"I think I'm sitting in a pretty good position," Walkersville coach Bryan Biehl said. "We've wrestled North, beat North. We came up short against Williamsport.

"I think it's great," Biehl said of the rematch. "I say let's knock off Beall and go after the winner of that North-Williamsport match."

This is the second trip to the regional tournament for the Lions (11-2-1), something they share with Beall (13-1).

"We've definitely improved," Beall coach Allan Twigg said. "We had a very, very strong performance against Keyser (W.Va.) last week. Earlier this year, we beat them, 40-38, with the 215-pound weight class, which we won. Last week, we won, 39-22, with both teams having the same lineups."

Twigg said he would not give out his wrestlers' records because it would not be to his team's advantage.

1A/2A West Region

Possible lineups (records given where available)

No. 1 Beall (13-1)

Coach: Allan Twigg

103: Brent Walker

112: Nathan Jackson

119: Chris Lewis

125: Travis Dixon

130: Nathan Workman

135: Brandon Durney

140: Colin DeVore

145: Brian Crowe

152: Pat Willison

160: Nick Durst (26-0)

171: Zach Sloane

189: Ty Wiland

275: John Kauffman

No. 2 North Hagerstown (12-2)

Coach: Greg Slick

103: Patrick Smith (8-8), Cory Mongan

112: Mike Wagner (22-4)

119: Chris Joliet (23-2), Matt Stowell

125: Chris Bumbaugh (1-4)

130: Steve Fravel (22-1)

135: Matt Ranieli (11-6), Dean Staley (6-7)

140: Cory Kuhn (9-9), Ronnie Shuler (6-5)

145: Scott Greenwald (17-4)

152: Dustin McDonough (22-4), David Mauriello

160: Kendall Stoner (12-12), Devin Baer (4-7), Jeff Hartle

171: Jason Carter (4-3)

189: Steven Feight (13-11)

275: Will Mulieri (16-10), Richie Holsinger (6-8)

No. 3 Williamsport (12-2)

Coach: Chuck Martin

103: Mike McGill (24-2)

112: Brian Forsythe (23-2), Jeff Short

119: Cory Kuczynski (22-4), Adam Bridendolph

125: Devin Hewitt (19-4), Spencer Peyton

130: Corey Leggett (18-6(

135: Ryan Bowers (21-9)

140: Travis Brown (18-5)

145: Matt Smith (4-14)

152: Ryan Hillegas (7-14)

160: Robbie Spigler (9-13)

171: Ethan Lord (12-10), Paul Joseph

189: Matt Allen (18-0)


No. 4 Walkersville (11-2-1)

Coach: Bryan Biehl

103: Josh Work (8-7)

112: Jake Evey (10-15)

119: Chad Cotterman (25-4)

125: Dan Caywood (27-0)

130: Ed Asbill (25-7)

135 Danny Crum (21-10)

140: Michael Smith (7-7)

145: Tim Mulford (18-6)

152: Zach McLain (14-13)

160: Zach McLain or Ryan King (11-10)

171: Jimmy Francis (17-6)

189: Billy Burke (19-9)

275: Jason Stambaugh (22-8)

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