Letters to the Editor 2/1

February 05, 2002

Letters to the Editor 2/1

Newspaper must report the facts

To the editor:

The job of any newspaper, news program, or news magazine is to report the news as fairly and as unbiased as possible, nothing more, nothing less.

It is not their job to gloss the news over or sugar-coat it to make it fit into the readers' comfort zone. Good, bad, or ugly, the news needs reported.

In the case of the first babies born in 2002, The Herald-Mail did just that: report the news as fairly and as unbiased as possible. They did not glorify it or distort it to make the readers feel good; they simply reported the facts.


I respect and praise The Herald-Mail for that. As for the readers who feel that this story should not have been printed, I ask: What would you have liked to happen? Would you like the paper to simply ignore these babies and write about the first babies born in wedlock?

Or would you like to take it further? Maybe the article should have been about the first babies born in wedlock, to white, Protestant parents whose net income is above $75,000.

It is not the role of the press to make declarations about what is and what is not moral. Furthermore, moral or not the truth should be printed. Newspapers write the rough draft of history and when history is altered people suffer. Let us be sure we do not allow prejudiced people to give Big Brother a wide-angle lens.

Aaron Michael

Party was a big hit

To the editor:

I'm writing this letter on the behalf of all the residents of the Walnut Towers to thank the Soroptimists for giving us a wonderful Christmas party. It was a wonderful dinner, great music and great gifts and door prizes.

The biggest thanks is for you the people of the Soroptimists for taking your time to do this for us. Thanks doesn't ever seem to be enough and this is one of those cases: But thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, kindness, your love and your wonderful smiles that were on your faces.

A special thanks to the 3-year-old little girl passing out the gifts - she was special to us all here at Walnut Towers. Each and every one of us here at the Walnut Towers really appreciated the Christmas party and we hope that God will give each and everyone of you a very, very blessed New Year - not because you gave us a Christmas party, but because of your wonderful hearts and your caring ways.

James Harrison Twyman Jr.

Two friends, united beyond

To the editor:

The family of Ralph Blank who passed away in May 1999, with much sadness announces the passing of one of Ralph's dearest friends Fritz Vincken, 56, formerly of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Many of you may recall the inspiring story of how Ralph and Fritz first met Christmas Eve 1944 in a small house in the Ardennes Forest. Around them raged World War II's most vicious battle, The Battle of the Bulge.

It was that brief moment between these two people that brought Fritz and Ralph together during the horror of war.

Fritz said his life was touched forever due to the kindness of that G.I. (Ralph).

Former President Ronald Reagan even spoke of the meeting of Ralph and Fritz during a speech he gave at Bitburg Air Base May 1985.

Fritz had said it was his life's dream to be united with his long lost friend.

It took 50 years but with the help of "Unsolved Mysteries" it was fulfilled. Their story was first aired in March 1995 and has been retold many times.

It was also reported in the Frederick News Post and The Hagerstown Herald-Mail.

There is now a motion picture producer working on a movie of this wonderful story.

We will forever remember the story, bond, and love of these two very special people who have now been reunited for eternity.

Rex and Marilyn Blank

Treat flag with respect

To the editor:

So proudly we hail!

I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see the many American flags flying after the events of Sept. 11. I am also saddened when I see "Ole Glory" in a sad state of disrepair, tattered, torn and shabby.

If you are going to fly "Ole Glory" do it proudly. When she shows signs of wear retire her and put up a new flag. Don't let your pride and support for our nation be short-lived or based solely on a crisis. If you can't fly "Ole Glory" proudly, carry her in your heart; there she will always be a proud clean symbol of all she represents.

William Peck
Needmore, Pa.

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