For some, there are better things to do than watch the game

February 04, 2002

For some, there are better things to do than watch the game


When the New England Patriots and St. Louis Rams meet in the Super Bowl tonight, Maureen Miller may be among the millions sitting in front of a television.

But she'll be watching HGTV - Home Garden Television.

"Had Pittsburgh gone, we probably would have gone to a Super Bowl party," said Miller, 47, of Hagerstown.

Like many non-Super Bowl watchers interviewed Saturday, Miller said the game will be on somewhere in her house.

"The television downstairs will be on the Super Bowl, but not upstairs," she said.

Some, like Miller, said if area teams were in the big game, they probably would watch it. Others just aren't football fans.

"If the (Baltimore) Ravens or the (Pittsburgh) Steelers were in it, I would watch it," said Debbie Boyer, 42, of Myersville.


But now that both area favorites are out of the playoffs, Boyer said, "I've had enough football."

She plans to rest and cook a little for those in her home that will be watching the big game.

"Definitely, my husband will be watching," said Ruth Martin, 36, of Hagerstown. "But I'll be taking care of my toddler and then quilting or sewing."

Mike Barkdoll, 60, of Hagerstown, said he gave up on football when the Colts left Baltimore.

Even though the noise from people watching the game in his home may cut short his after-dinner nap, Barkdoll said he'd rather read than watch the game.

Jasmine Stuart's father and brother will be watching the game, but she will not.

"I don't like football. I only like halftime," said Jasmine, 8, of Sharpsburg. She said she'll use the time to do homework, read or play basketball.

Helen Willis, 37, of Hagerstown, likes horse racing, because of the animals, and figure skating - not football.

She said she'll be working on her home computer as the Patriots and Rams battle for the world championship.

Some usual Super Bowl watchers won't be able to see the game this year.

Chris Pixler, 34, of Hagerstown, is a regular Super Bowl viewer, but this year he'll be at Papa John's in Chambersburg, Pa., where he is a manager.

But Pixler may see the Super Bowl yet. He's having his brother record it on video for him.

"I think it'll be closer than people think," he said.

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