Mail Call for 1/30

January 31, 2002

Mail Call for 1/30

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"I see where vandals are attacking Fort Ritchie. I thought they gave the deputies free rent up there to control the crime. Maybe the sheriff should get the deputies out of the city and out into the county and maybe the crime would finally go down."

"I am a resident of Walnut Towers. I would like to tell the rest of the seniors about the wonderful programs that we enjoy throughout the month. Please join in with us and have fun, otherwise our programs will be discontinued."


"What do you think about the police going around checking for out-of-state plates? They need to come down here on Guilford Avenue. There are so many cars on this street. People have lived here for years and years and still have West Virginia and Pennsylvania plates."

"I am responding to the people who said that the funding that was allocated for the CRS was not a wise decision. I have to disagree. These people volunteer their time to save our lives. I feel they deserve all the funding they need to provide the best services for the people in our community. If it was you who had the heart attack or were in a car accident, these people are the ones that come and rescue you and save your life. I hope then at that time you would agree that they deserve all the funding they need to do the job."

"On Friday, Jan. 25, they took my brother out to Robinwood Medical Center to a dentist. While inside, someone backed into the front of my Volkswagen. They damaged the grill and one headlight. If anyone witnessed this accident, call 301-739-7352. Whoever did this left the scene and I understand that the parking lot is not insured."

"If anyone out there needs an oxygen concentrator and can't afford one. We have one that we will give to you. It does need a little repair. It's less than two years old. Call 301-582-1529."

"To Princess T.J. on her birthday. Happy belated birthday. Love, Mauree."

"Happy 15th birthday, Jason. Love, Mauree."

"I am new to the Hagerstown area and I really like City Park, except for the big rusty holding tanks in the back of the park. They really are a blight on the entire park. They really need to be painted, torn down or something put up to block them. They really take the quality of the park away."

"Where in the world is Dick Cheney? Is he still our vice president? Is he dead or alive or what? I didn't like Clinton-Gore, with all the scandals and stuff, but you know at least Gore was out there and showed himself and was involved in stuff. Where in the world is Dick Cheney? We are involved in this war with Afghanistan, all you see is Bush, where is our vice president? If all he is going to do is hide in a bunker somewhere under a mountain, then we don't need him. There is no sense in this. This man is not a vice president, he is a puppet. Where is he?"

"Happy birthday Shane Shifflett, happy 30th. Your friends."

"I noticed in the Jan. 24 Daily Mail that the Washington County Board of Education wants another $500,000. They must be getting ready to hire another supervisor."

"I don't know why Hagerstown needs a hotel at the entrance of the landfill. I wonder which county commissioner gave them the go ahead for this bright idea?"

"In the Boonsboro area, there is a mail carrier who is on the road all day because she goes to visit. She just came out from the lane up the road and now she is down the road parked, talking. That is why we can't get our mail. We want to know why? If she is not going to work, I hope she retires. This isn't coming from just one person, it's coming from a lot of people."

"To the person who 'dumped' the ashes of a loved one into a funeral box. I think this is terrible. This person is very cold and uncaring."

"I don't quite understand the question in Friday's paper regarding the cremated remains. What is a funeral box and what is its purpose? What kind of a display is an urn used for?"

"I say 'right on' to Liz Thompson on her comment in her article about it not being our job to color or clean up, it is just to report. It was a very good column. She told it just like it is. It was very good."

"To the person who is tired of hearing the seniors complaining about Social Security and insurance. You get a job, we did our share of work, now it is your turn."

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