letters to the editor - 1/24/02

January 25, 2002

Letters to the Editor 1/24

New 'Y' needs a traffic signal

To the editor:

Isn't the new Hagerstown YMCA wonderful, such an asset to the community?

It makes you feel so proud to use the facilities, to walk, to swim, to exercise.

However we need to think of the danger we now have from the traffic on Eastern Boulevard. If you pull out of Potomac Manor, which is directly across the street, you cannot see the cars coming until they are on top of you. You have cars coming from the right, the left and the turning lane and the people exiting the Y. Most cars on Eastern are going over the speed limit.

We hope the department that oversees such things will do study, particularly around 4 to 6 p.m., so we can stop a horrendous accident from happening.

Ellis G. Duffey


Sen. Munson deserves praise for his fine staffers

To the editor:


Thank you, state Sen. Don Munson, for having people like Jean in your Hagerstown office, and Trish in your Annapolis office, to help folks like me with serious problems involving the state.

You were able to finally get us our energy assistance last year, though it involved the firing of high-ranking officials who sat not too far from the governor's office.

Jean made many, many calls for a large number of us who needed that assistance to heat our homes during a very cold winter. And, this year Trish spent a great deal of time on solving the CareFirst problem that had my doctor's bills piling up unprocessed for months.

Thank you for representing us as effectively as possible as a member of a very small minority party. You may have declined to make a criminal of the owner of a runaway dog, but you have gotten done most of what was mostly needed for us.

Senator, in a milieu that is usually one of questionable conduct, you have always been a gold standard for integrity and honor. You have always managed, quietly, to get the job done for your constituents - none of us was ever too small, or of the wrong party, or the wrong thinking. You, and Jean, and Trish have always taken notice of us when we have come to you, and done what you could to help us. Thank you.

Mary W. Haines


Cloning attempts hurt the animals

To the editor:

The experimenters who cloned Dolly have just announced that the world's most famous sheep has arthritis. This is bad news for Dolly, of course, but also calls into the question the validity of the whole project. Experimenters are now unsure how old Dolly really is: Can her age be measured in her years on earth, or is she much older, the age of her "mother's" cell?

It's just one of the problems with cloning experiments. Even though 98 animals die for every one successfully cloned and the results are fraught with uncertainties, companies anxious to make headlines and collect patents and profits have rushed headlong into this fashionable area of research. But as with all such studies, the animals are the victims - caged, manipulated and treated like things to be brought to life and killed when convenient. Cloning is one genie that should be put back in the bottle.

Kathy Guillermo

Staff Writer

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.

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