mail editorial- 1/25/02

January 25, 2002

Letters to the Editor 1/25

Our contest open
to all area students

To the editor:

Speaking on behalf of the Northwest Central Committee, we are pleased with the excellent news coverage that appeared last Saturday on our colon cancer awareness contest for teams of students/elders.

There are two points that we would like to emphasize that may be misconstrued from reading the article: 1) This contest is for all grades of students. All they need do is pair with an adult, aged 50 or older. 2) This contest, which offers as prizes, scholarship bonds and gift certificates, is open to all residents of Washington County, but we do want to encourage a wide participation from the African-American community.

We hope you will continue to support this first annual event, and come to the Awards Ceremony on March 23. For information on participating in the contest, contact me at 301-733-3153.


June L. Wright, Chairperson

Northwest Central Committee

and cancer survivor


A fine first choice

To the editor:

It was inspiring to see The Herald Mail's new series spotlighting our area's elementary school teachers. They do such a fine job in starting our children on a lifelong path of reading, learning and literacy.

You could have picked no finer public servant than Clear Spring Elementary School teacher Isabelle Stottlemyer to begin your series. Stottlemyer's dedication to the children of Clear Spring goes way beyond the classroom. She was a driving force in raising the funding and gaining support for our new public library branch in Clear Spring.

Thanks to her and the other hard- working members of the Friends for a Clear Spring Library, the Leonard P. Snyder Branch Library of the Washington County Free Library System opened its doors this past September.

Isabelle - whether she is in the classroom or fighting for library service for her community - is a champion of children. How lucky we are to have people of her caliber and dedication teaching here in Washington County.

Mary C. Baykan


Washington County Free Library


Keep Charley and
skip Mallard Fillmore

To the editor:

Charley Reese has been irritating liberals and moderates for a long time without too much protest. Since there is now an outcry from conservatives criticizing his writings, it seems as though he has reached a new level - irritating everybody. Since he provides material for debate, maybe his column should be continued.

With respect to another irritant on the editorial page, the Mallard Fillmore comic strip continues to reach lower levels. The strip certainly doesn't provide material for political discussion with neverending caricatures of Bill Clinton, Dan Rather or other newscasters and pictures of ugly liberals. I would suggest something more meaningful on the editorial page.

Harold G. Martin

Waynesboro, Pa.

Look a little higher

To the editor:

It is moving time for those who respect morals and decency. The one-track mind of the economy has clouded the minds of the governor and house speaker. Gun control, race tracks and now Sunday hunting.

I wonder what will come out of the old hat next. We have survived many years without such interference in our privacy. We need to change this liberal leadership. I don't think our children will have much of a future. We need someone looking higher than what we have now, to Jesus Christ and his ways.

George E. Lashley


Apologies to all;
I'm leaving soon

To the editor:

Can you print an apology notice for me for Washington County and the City of Hagerstown? If I said anything to offend them, I am sorry. I hope to get help to relocate in another area.

Alan F. McKenzie


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