Commissioners to lobby bureau for festival funding

January 24, 2002

Commissioners to lobby bureau for festival funding

KEEDYSVILLE - Washington County Commissioners Bert Iseminger and John Schnebly said Tuesday night they would lobby the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau to continue funding the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival.

CVB Executive Director Ben Hart said earlier this year the tourism bureau would no longer provide the September event with funding since it could apply for hotel tax revenue.

Iseminger said it was "premature" for the tourism bureau to take that money away from the festival.

Since the CVB had funded the festival for four years, it is an ongoing project, whereas hotel tax revenue is more appropriate for capital or one-time special projects, he said.

The CVB has given the festival up to $2,000 a year, said Lushbaugh, festival spokeswoman.

Blocked school stairway called dangerous

KEEDYSVILLE - Because the main stairway in front of Sharpsburg Elementary School recently was boarded up, students often walk up the driveway used by school buses, a local resident said Tuesday night when elected officials from Sharpsburg and Keedysville met with the Washington County Commissioners at the Keedysville Town Library.


Skip Lushbaugh, who lives near the school, called it a "dangerous situation."

The commissioners said they would look into it and suggested concerned citizens raise the topic at a Washington County Board of Education meeting.

Keedysville mayor
discusses sewers, roads

KEEDYSVILLE - Keedysville Mayor Lee Brandenburg brought up two topics related to recent and upcoming housing developments in the area when Keedysville and Sharpsburg elected officials met with the Washington County Commissioners Tuesday night.

Brandenburg said developers should hook up to public water and sewer rather than creating more wells and septic systems. He said the hookups would help lower the county's sewer debt.

County Commission President Gregory I. Snook said he would have to refresh his memory, but he thought there were time and quantity restrictions on hookups in that area.

Brandenburg also expressed concern about the volume and speed of traffic on narrow roads in the area such as Porterstown Road and wanted to know if there were plans to widen them.

Brandenburg said the way some drivers come flying down that mountain, he's surprised more people haven't been killed on the narrow road. Even adding shoulders to Porterstown Road would make is safer for two vehicles to pass each other, he said after the meeting.

If developers in the area don't have to widen the road, town officials should ask county engineers to look at the area, Iseminger said.

- Julie E. Greene

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