Mail Call for 1/22

January 23, 2002

Mail Call for 1/22

"After reading an article that Tim Rowland had in the paper this week about President Bush choking on a pretzel, I want to remind him that I have seen people choke on less than a pretzel, have congestive heart failure and die. Sometimes it doesn't pay to joke about these kinds of serious things. It can be possible to die from choking. Just thank God that President Bush didn't."

"I lost my cell phone at an AMVETS feed on Jan. 6. If anyone finds it, call me at 301-745-5875."

"To the person complaining about the fact that they want to put a new traffic light at the new YMCA. What is the problem? It's a safety issue that was well- addressed. You would be the same person that would complain that there needs to be a light there if someone died or got seriously hurt in an accident. Did you ever think maybe that is why there are traffic lights?"


"I believe that the Hagerstown Fire Department should take over the ambulance service for Hagers-town instead of dishing all this money out to CRS which we are just going to waste anyway."

"Doesn't anyone see a conflict of interest with the fact that Mayor Breichner and Councilwoman Nigh are on the CRS Board of Directors? Of course, CRS is going to get whatever they want from the city."

"No wonder Mike Nye doesn't run away from a fight. If I was being paid as much as him, I wouldn't bother losing all that money either."

"Concerning the lottery, I don't think anyone is winning except for the state of Maryland. Every time it builds up $8 million, all of a sudden it goes back down to $1 million. But there's no mention of anyone winning. By the way, I haven't won anything in the past 25 years."

"About the family being burned out in Funkstown. I don't think it's fair that us plain folks have to take whatever is given but the higher ups are registered at these stores for their gifts to be given to them. If I was burned out, I would have to take whatever someone gave me. It's not fair."

"I wish that Kmart would move to Long Meadow Shopping Center when Sears leaves. The North End needs at least one department store."

"To the immature person who said Nancy Reagan was married to the worst president and Barbara Bush was the second worst. Let me tell you something, Ronald Reagan was one of the most patriotic presidents that we have had in this country since George Washington. He backed this country against communism and we defeated it. If it weren't for him, we would be speaking Russian right now. As far as George Bush, he is doing a great job right now with the crisis that this country is facing. Everyone knows that Clinton is the worst president, with all the scandals and everything else his administration was into."

"CRS is a private company. No private company should be receiving any taxpayers' money. If they can't manage, they go broke and run out of money, just like any other private company. Do not give our taxpaying money to a private concern."

"To the lady on Cleveland Avenue who keeps complaining about the parking places, mind your own business, nobody is hurting you."

"To the lady who said her Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance went up real high and she only got a $20 raise on her Social Security. My insurance, United American, went up $26 more and I only got a $7 raise on my Social Security. So I changed to AARP and saved $20 a month."

"I read in the paper about the Social Security checks and the insurance being raised. That is everyone in life. Social Security was meant to be a supplement, not the main income for senior citizens."

"I have a couple hundred feet of chain link fence with posts to give away, six foot high. You have to move them yourself. Call 301-842-2119 and ask for Harry."

"To the person who called Mail Call and asked for a support group for overeaters. Our church is going to be having one. It's going to be a Christian one. We do believe in the Trinity and if you have any other questions, call 301-678-6314."

"If you are thinking about gas logs for your home, in the fireplace, don't do this. You will owe your income to the gas company for a little bit of heat. It's very expensive with a little bit of heat."

"Who cares if the detainees in Cuba are being treated humanely or not? I think they are being treated more than humanely. They are getting three meals a day and medical attention. They are getting probably the best of everything. They are being treated just like the way they act, like animals, if they are in cages. That is where they belong. But as far as humane treatment, there is nothing wrong with that. We should be putting more of them there. Don't worry about what other people think, they are the ones who started this."

- Sharpsburg

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