letters to the editor - 1/19/02

January 22, 2002

Letters to the editor 1/19

Vote against
the newspaper

To the editor:

The 2002 campaign season is underway and it is fast becoming clear that the Herald-Mail has its favorites and will do whatever it takes to get them elected. Tim Rowland's column about redistricting in the Jan. 6 paper is a prime example of how The Herald-Mail works.

In it Rowland, as spokesman for League, Headlee, Maginnis and the rest of the newspaper staff, compliments those they feel will best advance their liberal political and social agenda and tear down those they oppose.

The Herald-Mail has never liked anyone conservative and they don't want you to like them either. They especially don't like conservatives who stick to their convictions as State Sen. Alex Mooney did. So (speaking of juvenile) Rowland characterizes Senator Mooney as "bad news" and someone "extreme and extremely juvenile" whose "antics have angered just about everyone in Annapolis." Of course he fails to mention that Mooney was not elected to please people in Annapolis but to represent his conservative constituents which he did; and we are grateful for that. My district's go-along-to-get-along politicians didn't represent my views so I counted on Senator Mooney to represent me as well.


Further, Rowland accuses Senator Mooney of "bashing gays" just because he vigorously opposed the radical gay agenda in the state as his constituents wanted him to. (By the way Tim, does your unrelenting opposition to traditional conservative Christian moral/social values, those held by most of your subscribers, make you and the Herald-Mail conservative Christian bashers?)

But The Herald-Mail likes liberals like Del. Sue Hecht and they will go to any length to help her oust Mooney. And so she is described as "influential and respected" (by whom?) and suggests that she will be "a super-effective senator...." Next she will be walking on water probably holding hands with Casper Taylor as they work together to devise some grand scheme for "the Hancock communities"(?) ( Oh, that must be north Hancock, south Hancock, inner-city Hancock and the affluent suburbs on the upper east side)...which "is the underest (is that a word?) of understatements."

Speaking of go-along-to-get-along, The Herald-Mail also likes Del. Christopher Shank. To Rowland he is "that smart, young conservative" who will be "good news" in the north of Hagerstown. The Herald-Mail will be on his side of course because they like Republicans who act like Democrats. Shank you will remember imposed a new tax on the county so it could, hopefully, get a $25 million taxpayer-funded baseball stadium to serve 1,000 people. He seems to like more taxes and bigger government, not what one would expect from a true "conservative." But, then, that is why The Herald-Mail likes him.

So, the election year is just getting started and we can expect many more of these insightful, biased, adolescent columns intended to misrepresent and tear down conservatives and build up liberals, and persuade us to vote for the candidates The Herald-Mail likes. I urge you to read them carefully and decide for yourself whether they are "a good witch or a bad witch for Washington County" (whatever that means).

Edward L. James


No separation

To the editor:

No one manufactures facts more than liberals. Even to the point of manufacturing facts from nothing to promote a suppressive agenda. A legitimate fact is no leftist can find the phrase, "Separation of Church and State...," in any official document of the United States prior to 1947.

The only way is to presuppose and manufacture their rhetoric. When liberals refer to God one has to wonder which god they are addressing. The God of the Bible or the one they manufactured. Of course, there is always a leftist someone of deep faith who is to be respected regardless of what their deep faith is associated with.

Evolution is a prime example of atheism. They have manufactured more facts to murder the Christian religion than any free society should allow. They have only relatively recently been able to peddle their theories as facts due to their control of the public school system that has brainwashed a captive audience. They only became successful by evicting God, prayer, and the Ten Commandments from schools. If evolution could stand on its own merits there would never have been cause to subvert Article Three of the Northwest Ordinance of 1779 that was written by the same group of men that wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They teach children they are no better than animals and then wonder why they act like animals. One liberal trying to make his point compared science to creation. The judicious route would have been to compare religion to science; or, evolutionist to creationist. One is only trying to deceive by comparing a general term to a categorical term. The most common trait of the liberal is to take the truth and twist the associated facts to fit their ideological parameters. When confronted in a public forum with the true facts, their response is to attack the person instead of debating their facts, which will not stand on their merits.

Phillip M. Snider


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